Green Light (Featured Artiste: PITA)

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There are many things I want to say, but I know that if I say them all at once, you will not understand me.  So, I will take my sweet time to speak slowly, softly, articulately [All these adverbs sef...] and hopefully, you'll finally understand me.  I may ramble on and on from time to time, but please bear with me. Every blog post is purposeful and meaningful.

So with this unnecessary (LOL) introduction, I am taking the plunge into the convoluted and exciting world of blogging. I love Nigeria not just because I am a Nigerian, but also because I happen to be one of those who are incurably optimistic about Nigeria (see, I have used Nigeria 3 times in one sentence...I don't know if that is good or bad...who's counting?!) I also love gospel music (specifically Nigerian gospel music), desperately want to see huge improvements in the quality of education in Nigeria and love writing.  All these will be reflected in my writings and as I embark on this journey, I hope you'll learn to love Nigeria AND Nigerians as much as I do.