The One Thing No Girl Misses About Braiding Hair in the Market

I think that picture just gave it away, but I'll still spell it out.

You see, if you ever had the  misfortune privilege of going to the market in Nigeria (or elsewhere for that matter) to get your hair braided as a child, then you're familiar with the scene I am about to describe.

No, it doesn't matter what hairstyle you actually ended up doing or whether you chose to do didi (french braids) or weaving.  The process was the same.  I already hinted at it here, but here it is in its full glory:

Your mother or father or relative dropped you off at the market and told the hairstylist what style to braid your hair into.  Or maybe you got to decide.  Or maybe your school already called the hairstyle for you for that week.  Doesn't matter.  Same result, i.e. you have to get your hair done.

The hair stylist, who was a market woman, not just because she was literally in the market, but also because she probably also sold other items at her stall in addition to braiding hair, agreed, and if there was no one there before you, she would point to an apoti (small stool).

Now, I shall rant about the apoti.  Don't worry, I'll still rant about the one thing nobody misses in a bit.  But let's dwell on the apoti for a bit, shall we? Good.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Dr. She Tu, Emmykokz, Seyi Alesh

Happy Friday!!! Or is it TGIF? Either way sha, welcome to another friday of free music! Yay! These artistes have generously made their music available for free, and I in turn have decided to share them with you.  Listen and enjoy!

Oh, wait, the press releases.  I almost forgot. ;-)

Learn more about each song in the artiste's own words:

1. Dr. She Tu - Jesus Disco

FREE ALBUM: Ty Bello's 'The Morning Songbook'

Ty Bello (formerly of Kush) released her new album, The Morning Songbook, on October 10, 2014 (10.10.14).

Interesting title, ba?

Well, here's some background information on the album in her own words:

Give a Child His Own Name, Not the Name of his Father or Grandfather

The title pretty much sums up what I'm about to start ranting about.  But I will still rant sha.  In detail.

One common practice which I believe needs to be scrapped with immediacy and alacrity (yes, the occasion warrants using English words which Nigerians overuse and abuse well well) is giving children the names of their fathers, grandfathers and in fact, their ancestors.

Boys (not girls) are overwhelmingly affected by this practice.  I mean, how often do you hear a girl being called Mary, Junior, for example?  Or Florence, Junior?  Or even Mulikat the third?  Not common, if at all.  I know in Yoruba culture, for example, because of our strong belief in reincarnation, we have names for children based on relatives who have passed on, e.g.:

Who Eats the Head of the Chicken in Your Family?

I remember those trips to the market.  Walking to the section where the chicken sellers converged.  But before we even got there, you could smell them.  And hear them too.  The chickens, I mean ... not the sell--

Oh, never mind!

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Glowreeyah Braimah - Turn Around

As promised, here is the official video for Glowreeyah Braimah's single, Turn Around.

Here is the story behind the song, in Glowreeyah's words:

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Glowreeyah Braimah - God Alone

Glowreeyah (Gloria) Braimah, who describes herself as a "kaleidoscope of colors" is a Contemporary Nigerian Gospel artiste.  She was first featured on this blog when I reviewed her single, Turn Around. The video for Turn Around was released in 2013, and I will be sharing it in the next post.