Do Nigerians Hate their Own Accent?

Let's try an experiment.  Go to  It's a website where radio stations are streamed live from all over the world.  Since Nigeria is in the world, our radio stations are also included.

Next, go to the Nigerian radio stations.  Here's a shortcut to make your life easier: Nigeria Radio Stations on Tune in.

Then, just pick a random radio station on the list.  Any one.  Note the accent of the presenter or on air personality (assuming they are not playing commercials).

Repeat the process 5 or more times.

What were the results in terms of Nigerian accent versus American, British, etc?

Define the Nigerian Dream: The Usual Suspects Served in Five Music Related Answers

That's a Bugatti

Assume for a moment that you are sitting for an exam (WAEC/SSCE/JSCE/JAMB) or test (not a driving test sha), and the first question that is jeje-ly printed on the paper in front of you is this:

Define the Nigerian Dream

Please note that if you turn the paper to the other side, hoping that maybe it is a multiple choice question and the teacher mistakenly printed options A - D on the back, then you need to be flogged.

*in a teacher's voice, trying to sound important* "This is an essay question and you have fifteen minutes.  Start!"

Okay, so we are not really in class.  You can wipe that cold sweat off your forehead now.  *grins*

That Noisy Church (or Mosque) on Your Street

National Christian Centre, Abuja a.k.a the Nigerian Ecumenical Centre,
located on Independence Avenue in the Central Business District 

I used to think that the trend of having local churches located in residential areas and having loud and noisy services at all hours of the day was a purely Nigerian affair.  That is, until I discovered that it happens in other parts of the world too, including Brazil.

Soundtrack for the Week: Faith Yebo - Still Beautiful Featuring Nikki Laoye

Today, I will be starting a new series: Soundtrack for the Week.  And because I know soundtrack might mean something else to you, I need to clarify what this series is about.

By Soundtrack, I don't mean the song was the theme song for a movie or similar production.  I mean that this is the song I want you to meditate on for the rest of the week.  Let it play in the background of your week, in the back of your mind while you get your hustle on (or take a break).  I think you get it now. :D

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Sophie Jolaosho, Toluwalope, Nate, IK Worships, Izik Aga, Tex, Trubreed, Angeloh, Dr. Sankty, God's Own Radicals

Relentless, you did not share enough music with us, last month!

I know, I know!  Which is why I intend to overfeed you am trying to remedy that this month.  The following artistes have generously shared their music with me, and I am in turn sharing them with you:

  1. Sophie Jolaosho - Great Jehovah
  2. Toluwalope Adebowale - So Great
  3. Nate (Nathaniel Edoka Adoyi) - Egbega
  4. IK Worships - Na God
  5. Izik Aga - God is Able Featuring Tex
  6. Trubreed - Bigger than Featuring Angeloh
  7. Santi & The Radikalz (i.e. Dr. Sankty and God's Own Radicals) - King

P. S. Sorry for the secondary links as opposed to the widgets I usually post directly. I had some trouble uploading the original tracks. Blame it on Hulkshare :-(

1.  Sophie Jolaosho - Great Jehovah

Download Great Jehovah here

Cover Art Candy | Featuring Henrisoul, Faith Yebo, Gameman, KK, Provabs, Dr. Sankty, Fizzikal, EmJoy, Jessy McJessiey, Playne

Although I have seen some album / song / single cover artwork that I liked, I have not shared them here in a while.  But today, that changes.

Behold this week's selection of eye-catching artwork for singles, albums, etc by Nigerian gospel artistes! Nice, aren't they?  Well, I thought so too.  Let me know which ones you particularly liked or don't care for.  Yes, tastes vary so I expect that you won't like some of them.

If you come across any you think should be featured here, please send the link(s) to

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Henrisoul - New Life Muzik

An illustration of Henrisoul wearing a red cap with a feather,
 rendered in nice, warm colors.  What's not to love?

Spammer, Oya do 10,000 Frog Jumps and Slap Yourself!

What I imagine a spammer looks like in person.
Bushy tail and Beady eyes included!

Lately (and by lately, I mean in the last couple of months), there has been a spike in the amount of spam comments I receive daily.  I have no idea why this has happened or what is going on, but I know I am not alone.  I suspect this is specific to Blogger though, because Wordpress is awesome has an array of better spam-combating techniques.