MUSIC: Christ's Messenja [CMJ] - Hold On, Tha Triumph and Live it Up Featuring Terver

CMJ (Christ's Messenja) is a gospel artiste who is originally from Adamawa State.  He sent me three of his singles months ago, but I am just getting round to sharing them here.  Better late than never, ba?

Here's some more information on CMJ courtesy of his press release:

Girls Must Cut their Hair: Why Do Schools Make this a Requirement?

Happy New Month! Can you believe there are just 2 months left before we welcome 2015? Amazing! It finally got cold at my end, but I am still in denial about winter's arrival.  Still hiding those boots away and wearing open-toed shoes. For now.


But, let's get to today's topic.

Generally, Nigerian school girls are expected to do something with their hair, especially if they attend public schools and government schools.  Private schools are more liberal, in my opinion, and some of them even allow students use hair extensions (attachment) during the school year.  But, I suppose with all the millions their parents sink into their school fees, that's a minor trade off, ba?

School's Prospectus: Who Reads it Anyway?

When you gain admission to a secondary school in Nigeria, the school authorities tend to load parents and students with a lot of information.  The school's prospectus is one of the books they hand to you that's literally loaded with tons of information.

The official definition of the prospectus is "a book or document that provides information about a school, business, etc."  Of course in our case, it's for a school.

So, what sort of information is written in a prospectus? Well, I'm glad you asked.  Here's a little list:

First University Graduate in the Family: Blessing or Curse?

Nigerians place a very high premium on education. Translation: they like to acquire degrees.  A lot.

If you enter the sitting room (parlor) of a typical Nigerian family, in addition to family pictures, you are likely to see one or more school certificates prominently displayed for the whole world to know that Baba Bisi too went to school.  And graduated.

At the most basic level, I would say that you are not considered truly educated unless you have a Bachelor's degree.  In fact, some people will argue with you and say that a Master's degree is the minimum requirement to be considered truly educated.  I am sure if there were more advanced degrees than PhDs, Nigerians would pursue them too.  But until then ....

The One Thing No Girl Misses About Braiding Hair in the Market

I think that picture just gave it away, but I'll still spell it out.

You see, if you ever had the  misfortune privilege of going to the market in Nigeria (or elsewhere for that matter) to get your hair braided as a child, then you're familiar with the scene I am about to describe.

No, it doesn't matter what hairstyle you actually ended up doing or whether you chose to do didi (french braids) or weaving.  The process was the same.  I already hinted at it here, but here it is in its full glory:

Your mother or father or relative dropped you off at the market and told the hairstylist what style to braid your hair into.  Or maybe you got to decide.  Or maybe your school already called the hairstyle for you for that week.  Doesn't matter.  Same result, i.e. you have to get your hair done.

The hair stylist, who was a market woman, not just because she was literally in the market, but also because she probably also sold other items at her stall in addition to braiding hair, agreed, and if there was no one there before you, she would point to an apoti (small stool).

Now, I shall rant about the apoti.  Don't worry, I'll still rant about the one thing nobody misses in a bit.  But let's dwell on the apoti for a bit, shall we? Good.


EndyFizzy wrote a song of praise to God for all He has done.  And then, he released the music video.  So, here is the video, followed by more information on this artiste:

MUSIC: Glowreeyah Braimah - Miracle Worker Featuring Nathaniel Bassey

I first heard this song about a week ago and since then I have been singing it regularly.  The beauty of this song is its simplicity.  It's the type of song you can sing to God during your quiet time and "every other" time.

In Glowreeyah (Gloria)'s words, "some songs are written and then some songs are given." I guess by now, you must have figured out that this song was given.  Even more touching is the story behind the song, courtesy of DaKingdomXploit: