They Speak Good English, But They Write Terrible "Fear Go Catch You" Grammar

You probably read this, and thought:

"Wait a minute, isn't it the other way round?"

My answer: "Does it matter?"

The bottom line is that something is not adding up. And in any case, I think you're more likely to meet the sort of person this post is dedicated to.

Good Pikin for House, Bad Pikin for School

For the record, Pikin means "Child."  Straight from the Nigerian Pidgin English dictionary ... if such a thing exists.

You know it is possible for a child from a good background, with "proper home training" like we say, to stray.  And the place where the child manifests that waywardness is in school.

Soundtrack of the Week: Jesu N'Abba (Jesus My Father) - Benita Iyere-Okojie

Jesu N'Abba means "Jesus My Father" in Esan, and this song by Benita Iyere-Okojie is essentially a prayer "appreciating God for His daily mercies while also asking for continued protection and favour." [Source]