MUSIC: Diya (Godiya Jabila Mamza) - Can't Have Enough

Diya // ReverbNation

Remember the trip to ReverbNation I made last week? Well, Diya was one of the new artistes I discovered.  I got really excited about her for many reasons, but especially these two: 

(1) She is a woman (Yes, I get excited when I discover female Nigerian gospel artistes)

(2) She is based in Sokoto (according to her ReverbNation profile), which in case you did not know is in Northwestern Nigeria.  How often do you come across gospel artistes based in the Northwest? In my case, rarely.  Let's just say I won't forget Diya in a hurry.  :-)

And neither will you after listening to "Can't have enough." It's a high-powered contemporary praise and worship song (what a mouthful!), rendered mostly in English, but beautifully garnished with Hausa in just the right places. By the way, if you know the translation to that part of the lyrics, please share.

Okay, I will stop yarning and let you listen to the song. You're welcome.

Lyrics and Translation to Hausa Section Courtesy of Diya:
Yesu Kai kadai nake so, koyaushe
Jesus you are the only one I need, everyday

Artiste's Stage Name: Diya

Artiste's Real Name: Godiya Jabila Mamza

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | Facebook | ReverbNation

Thank you so much The Relentless Builder for picking me to write on, it is an honour to raise an Altar of praise and worship in this part of our beloved country! God bless you real good!

Godiya Jabila M

The hausa part in the song "Yesu Kai kadai nake so, koyaushe" is simply translated... "Jesus you are the only one I need, everyday!" Do remain blessed!!!

Godiya Jabila M

Godiya: The pleasure is all mine! I'm glad I came across your music. It's been a blessing. God bless you too!

Godiya: I wish I could hug you ... Lol! Thank you so much for the translation. I won't be chop-mouthing when I get to that section again. God bless you plenty!

How do i get your Album Please



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