This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring Protek (Rooftop Clan), Okey Sokay, Propane (CIA)

This Friday, the following artistes' songs are available as free downloads (see what I did there):

  1. Protek - Ayaya Featuring Okey Sokay
  2. Propane of CIA (Christ I Abide) - Ekwulekwu 


Ayaya is an Ibibio word, not a Yoruba word, but I would like to classify this as "jelenke" (easy motion) music.  You just want to sway, nod your head, and even komole to this song.  Yes, I just confessed what I did when I heard the song.  Can you blame me?

Protek is a rapper who recently joined the Rooftop Clan (formerly Rooftop MCs). Ayaya is his latest single, released earlier this month.

You can read more about him in the press release:

On this groovy upbeat tune produced by and featuring Okey Sokay, Rooftop Clan Music Artist, Protek, lends from the Ibibio dialect and expresses how good His God is. 

The song AYAYA is one that we can all relate with and is guaranteed to get you dancing. 

Protek who in the past has released Pray featuring Praiz and Super Hero Lomo featuring Sokleva (Rooftop MCs) is currently at work on his debut album which will be released later in 2014. 

 For further updates and to connect with Protek you can find him on twitter @Protekniks

Finally, here's Ayaya.  Sway, Nod, Dance.  I won't judge you. ;-)

Artiste's Stage Name: Protek

Artiste's Real Name: Promise Audu

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | Facebook | ReverbNation


In his new single, Propane is quite "Talkative." Don't look at me like that.  That's what Ekwulekwu means. 

Don't believe me? You can read more about this song in the press release:

Propane is back with another single and he calls this one "EKWULEKWU," an Igbo word which means "TALKATIVE." 

There is a lot of misconceptions people have about hip-hop music especially in the christian community and also a lot of mediocrity that needs to be addressed and nobody seems to want to talk about it. That's what Propane does on this track and he features Nolly who is his fellow CIA clique mate on this to bring the eastern naija feel to it. It is a cool hip hop song that will just leave you nodding to the beat. 

If you are a fan of real hip hop you'll surely like this. Produced by Kinsu.  Mixed and mastered by Singkelie.

Follow CIA on Twitter: @Propane_cia @Nolly_cia @Kinsu_cia @Christiabide

More information on Propane:

Artiste's Stage Name:  Propane 

Artiste's Real Name: Obinna Nkwonta

Connect with Artiste: Twitter

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