Promise for the Week: Isaiah 62:3 (ESV)

MUSIC: FlamzNation - One Experience of You [Produced by Sola Soetan]

From Left to Right: Azubuike George Nkem, Olamibode Olaleye-Brown, Deborah "Debbie" Brown [Center], Fisayo Agbetunsin, Joseph "Joe" Tara [Songwriter / Band Leader]

Every now and then, you come across songs that make you pause, ponder and reflect.

That's what One Experience of You did for me.

Sure, it's not a gbao gbao, scatter dis place, shake bodi for Jesus kind of song.

No, this is clearly a worship song.

But that's not the only reason I'm sharing this here.

MUSIC: Nelly Viano - The Way You Do

Before I say anything, guess who produced this song?

No, not me!

Nelly Viano a.k.a NVBeatz, the artiste also doubled as the producer of this track.

Now, you'll have to listen to assess it for yourself.  :-)

Here is the artiste's bio and the other details he shared alongside this release:

6 Jigidem Igbo Gospel Songs You Should Listen To

If you are even a casual or occasional listener of Nigerian gospel music, you'll notice that some songs share the exact same title.

One of such recurring song titles is Jigidem, which in Igbo means "Hold me" or "Uphold me."

I started compiling this list about two years ago (can you believe it?) and yet I have just 6 songs to share today.  Honestly, I would have loved a much longer list, but it's just these 6 songs for now.

In no particular order, here are six songs titled "Jigidem" rendered almost entirely in Igbo:

  1. Numen - Jigidem
  2. 6 Team - Jigidem Aka (Hold my hands)
  3. Axios Choir - Jigidem
  4. Brother Emmanuel and Brother Lazarus (Voice of the Cross) - Jigidem Onye Nwem
  5. Uchay Davis - Jigidem
  6. Winny A1 - Jigidem

And now, the fun part: listen to each song.  Enjoy!

Digestives v. HobNobs: Which is your favorite McVitie's biscuit?

So, what prompted this post?

An advert o! A radio jingle.

I was listening to Inspiration FM sometime last week, and heard this (for lack of a better word) "razz" advert.  I was shocked to find out it was for McVitie's.  Okay, call me bush, but in all my life, I have never heard a McVitie's advert.  Or seen one for that matter.  Yes, I am one of those people who believe that a child is just born with the knowledge that you haven't lived until you've eaten McVitie's Digestives biscuits.

MUSIC: Boluwaduro - Reason Featuring Psalmos

How is your week going? Mine is going well, so far.

Regardless of how your week is going, you need to remember why you are alive and why you should be grateful.  That's where Boluwaduro comes in.  She reminds us in her song, Reason, that Jesus is the reason why we live.

Here's more information on this artiste and the song:

Gospel music minister, Boluwaduro, is out with a brand new single, a powerful rock piece titled "REASON" featuring one of Naija's finest vocalists and music ministers, Psalmos.