MUSIC: Christ's Messenja [CMJ] - Hold On, Tha Triumph and Live it Up Featuring Terver

CMJ (Christ's Messenja) is a gospel artiste who is originally from Adamawa State.  He sent me three of his singles months ago, but I am just getting round to sharing them here.  Better late than never, ba?

Here's some more information on CMJ courtesy of his press release:

Girls Must Cut their Hair: Why Do Schools Make this a Requirement?

Happy New Month! Can you believe there are just 2 months left before we welcome 2015? Amazing! It finally got cold at my end, but I am still in denial about winter's arrival.  Still hiding those boots away and wearing open-toed shoes. For now.


But, let's get to today's topic.

Generally, Nigerian school girls are expected to do something with their hair, especially if they attend public schools and government schools.  Private schools are more liberal, in my opinion, and some of them even allow students use hair extensions (attachment) during the school year.  But, I suppose with all the millions their parents sink into their school fees, that's a minor trade off, ba?