Where it all begins [Featured Artiste: Gold Help Owen]

First off, I want to thank every single person that has commented or is following this blog.  I truly appreciate it!

Now, let’s get to it, shall we?! (*moon-walks, does a little hyper dance and cracks knuckles before finally sitting down calmly*)

I could not really think of what to call this blog post because although I knew what I wanted to talk about, I did not know how to approach the topic.  So, please bear with me if I seem a little scatter-brained today. So, one thing I have observed with regards to education in Nigeria and particularly, primary school education is that it is probably the MOST important part of the educational journey of a person.  I know you might think it is college that can be the deal-breaker, but primary school is it (in my own opinion sha), because it is the foundation on which everything else is built.  And when it is not solid, it shows in everything that individual does.  Okay, enough of abstract terms. Let me illustrate.

10 FASCINATING Nigerian Names (and why) [Featured Artiste: Ogecha]

Image Source: Kathy Ponce on Flickr
So, I did a little bit of re-modelling and settled on this template (for now, at least).  I had no idea that finding a template could be so difficult. Or maybe it is just because I am so picky! Oh well, either way, I visited a couple of blogs over the past week and noticed that several of them (e.g. Myne Whitman, The Corner Shop) were emptying the contents of their purses (which I thought was quite interesting) and putting them on display.  But you will not be seeing the contents of my purse anytime soon (*sticks out tongue*).  I don’t think I should do that right now since I am just getting the hang of this blogging thing. However, from looking at those pictures, I got an idea: put up a post on some Nigerian names I have always found fascinating and a few random reasons why I find these names…well….interesting (how original, right?! *laughs*)

So, without much further ado, here is my list of TEN (10) Nigerian names I find fascinating IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (Why ten? I don’t have a good reason for that o! Maybe because all these yeye countdowns usually use “10” for some reason….Or maybe because last year was “2010”….Or maybe because Nigeria’s independence day is in October, the “TENTH” month….Okay, let me stop rambling and get right down to it already!!!)