Weekly Eye-Catching Designs No. 2: Cover Art for Songs, Albums, EPs

This week's cover artwork actually include one album cover.  The rest of them are from singles.  Notably, two of the artistes featured here are women.  Yay!  So, let's get started.

1. Mike Aremu - Coat of Many Colours 
(2013 Album)


Are Inter-Tribal Marriages More Successful in Nigeria than in the Diaspora?

While there are no formal statistics on this topic, nothing stops us from speculating, ba?  So, speculate we shall!

After making a case for the greater likelihood of inter-tribal/inter-ethnic marriages being contracted in the diaspora, it makes sense to talk about success.  But first of all, how do you define success in marriage?  I think this question is subjective, but I can safely define success in a marriage to mean that both parties (man and woman) understand each other's needs, are very supportive of each other and have learnt to handle challenges together as a team.  That also means minimizing third party interference in marital affairs, and by third parties, I am referring to relatives, friends, etc.

Weekly Eye-Catching Designs No. 1: Cover Art for Songs, Albums, EPs

I have silently observed a trend over the last couple of years: the cover art designs for music albums, singles, EPs, name it, have gotten progressively more ... spectacular! They have evolved from being eyesores (mostly) to being more appealing, eye-catching, and generally more creative.

So, I have decided to showcase a few of these eye-catching designs every week for more inspiration and to hopefully, get you to appreciate the hard work of the graphic designers who work behind the scenes.

My intention is to keep this as simple as possible, and that means I will be including the cover art and the download links to the music.  That's it.

And now, let's get started with the 1st Edition in this series (in no particular order):

1. Sam Jamz - Ndola Mi Featuring Marpe

This Friday's Free Downloads | AFRESH: Uchechukwu, Welulu Welulu, Tinriri Tanrara

This past weekend, I spent sometime on Afresh's page on ReverbNation listening to their songs.  Who are Afresh? Good you asked.  Afresh is an acapella group composed of young men (well, they look young in their picture):  Austin, Jackson, Joel, Godson, Rest, Bayo, Victor.

You see, they have A  LOT of songs you can download for free, but because I have decided not to overload you guys with information, I share just three at a time during this weekly series.

Afresh // ReverbNation
I kept looking for one song I did not like.  Did not happen.  These guys understand their niche, their audience, their market, and stick to it.  From one song to the other, there was no hint or trace of auto-tune anywhere.  I thought I was in heaven :D

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Ambassage - Showcase featuring Kenny K'ore

On December 31, 2011, Ambassage released a single titled Showcase.  It featured Kenny K'ore on the hook, and was Ambassage's debut, after winning the Epignosis competition on Club X International. The audio for that single is still available as a free download.  See the widget and download links below:

Or, Download HERE.

8 Useful Skills and Life Lessons Boarding School (House) Will Teach You

You probably read the title and thought to yourself, "What did I learn from boarding school?"  I'm glad you asked because that is precisely what we shall discuss in the next few paragraphs. I assure you that building muscle strength and developing physical fitness from carrying buckets of water over long distances, will not be on this list.  Should it be? Okay, let's get to it already:

What Name Do You Call Your Grandfather?

You must have seen this coming.  I mean, how could I possibly ask what name(s) you call your grandmother(s) without asking about grandfathers too?

Let me paint the disastrous scenario: A Nigerian grandfather is browsing the internet, pipe or snuff box in one hand, the other hand is working the keyboard or mouse.  By some miracle, he stumbles on my blog.  He has been searching for a new name to call his sweetheart: Grandma.

He quickly scans my blog and discovers to his chagrin that I only dedicated a post to grandmothers.  No similar post for grandfathers.

Upset ... No, livid with anger, he contacts the President of the Association for the Advancement of Nigerian Grandfathers' Rights, and they send me a carefully-worded e-mail.  They "CC" the National Pipe Smokers' Association, who inevitably inform the Federal Snuffbox Carrying Giants of Nigeria of my error.  No, they're not really giants.  They're just people who have been using snuff for longer than Nigeria has had her independence.

... Should I continue? I mean, this is all fictitious, and ... Whatever! I shall continue jare!