Weekly Eye-Catching Designs No. 2: Cover Art for Songs, Albums, EPs

This week's cover artwork actually include one album cover.  The rest of them are from singles.  Notably, two of the artistes featured here are women.  Yay!  So, let's get started.

1. Mike Aremu - Coat of Many Colours 
(2013 Album)


2. Jumoke - I Am

Download HERE (Right Click and Select "Save Link As")

3.  Onos - High

4. Double Es - Some Place To Go

5. Groovement Minis3 
(GameMan, Okey Sokay, O'Joe) - Echeta

6. Kenny K'ore - Eledumare Classic (Album)

Listen and Buy on Amazon

7. Izzy - Mukulu Mukeke

So, which ones are your favorites?

Sources: 1. Mike Aremu // 2. Jumoke // 3. Onos // 4. Double Es // 5. Groovement Minis3 // 6. Kenny K'ore // 7. Izzy


I would love to hear your thoughts. Please Share.

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