This Friday's Free Downloads | AFRESH: Uchechukwu, Welulu Welulu, Tinriri Tanrara

This past weekend, I spent sometime on Afresh's page on ReverbNation listening to their songs.  Who are Afresh? Good you asked.  Afresh is an acapella group composed of young men (well, they look young in their picture):  Austin, Jackson, Joel, Godson, Rest, Bayo, Victor.

You see, they have A  LOT of songs you can download for free, but because I have decided not to overload you guys with information, I share just three at a time during this weekly series.

Afresh // ReverbNation
I kept looking for one song I did not like.  Did not happen.  These guys understand their niche, their audience, their market, and stick to it.  From one song to the other, there was no hint or trace of auto-tune anywhere.  I thought I was in heaven :D

While the songs were mostly flavored with traditional rhythms, there were a few songs on their page where they showed their versatility even with R & B and other genres.  They sing both acapella and songs with instruments.

I already shared one of their songs, Bene Bene a few weeks ago.  I thought that was their best song.  It is not.  I found it hard to pick a favorite, but I have selected a few I think you must listen to. Yes indeed, I am forcing you to listen to them.  In fact, I command you to listen by force and by fire.  *brandishes koboko*

Seriously though, check them out ...

As is my custom, I will share three of my favorite downloadable tracks here.  However, I wanted to sound a warning:  these tracks are only a few of the tracks available for download today.  I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.  If I were you, I would "get busy" downloading all their free tracks while they're still up there.  That is all.

Oh wait.  I need to share some information on these wonderful guys with you:

Group's Stage Name:  Afresh

Group Members' Real Names:   
Austin, Jackson, Joel, Godson, Rest, Bayo, Victor

Connect with AfreshTwitter | Google + | YouTube

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation

And now for the songs:

Have a blessed weekend!


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