Weekly Eye-Catching Designs No. 1: Cover Art for Songs, Albums, EPs

I have silently observed a trend over the last couple of years: the cover art designs for music albums, singles, EPs, name it, have gotten progressively more ... spectacular! They have evolved from being eyesores (mostly) to being more appealing, eye-catching, and generally more creative.

So, I have decided to showcase a few of these eye-catching designs every week for more inspiration and to hopefully, get you to appreciate the hard work of the graphic designers who work behind the scenes.

My intention is to keep this as simple as possible, and that means I will be including the cover art and the download links to the music.  That's it.

And now, let's get started with the 1st Edition in this series (in no particular order):

1. Sam Jamz - Ndola Mi Featuring Marpe

2. Obiora Obiwon - Testify Featuring Mike Abdul 

3. Misfit Muzik - J.Clone 

4. C-Kay and Lu-cid - She's Alright

5. Perfection Burnout - Soulflame and IHN

DOWNLOAD LINK (Right Click and select "Save Link As")

6. ThatLad - Imelanubochita

7.  Rooftop MCs - Entourage Featuring Karl Nova & Shabach

Sources: One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven

So creative! The Ankara and make-up ones are wow!


Lovely and eye catching


Are these all artists based in 9ja? If so, mehn! 9ja has definitely upgraded!


In the Midst of Her: Yes o, they are (last time I checked). Upgrade is the word. Let's hope they continue to upgrade.


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