Kini Big Deal with Handshakes: Firm or Just Touch-and-Go?

One of my least favorite parts of any church service is when whoever is on the pulpit announces: "Now, turn around and greet the people around you."  Why? Because it is certain to involve two activities I am not fond of: hugging (for the women) and shaking hands (for the men).  You probably can't tell from the look on my face.  I hope.  I will speak more on the hugs in a separate blog post (believe me, it deserves its own space).  But today, I wanted to deal with the handshake part.

You see after that announcement, you usually get a feel for different types of handshakes, ranging from the firm handshakes to the ones I like to call 'touch-and-go' (usually from women).  The 'touch-and-go' handshakes are particularly fascinating to me because the people who initiate these handshakes barely touch your hands as if you have craw-craw or some other skin ailment on your hands.  Seriously, I don't think I can even call it a handshake.  And then there are those who cannot decide whether to grasp your hand firmly or just sniff stare at it.  They grasp your hand and then drop it suddenly as if they just saw Willi-Willi materialize behind you.  Not cool.

ANNOUNCING: Winners of September Giveaway of iTunes Gift Cards

First of all, I want to thank every single person who asked after me or checked up on me during my voluntary absence from this blog.  It feels good to be missed, I tell you.  Thank you guys!

Second, I am sure you probably thought I had forgotten all about this giveaway, ba? Not at all.  Okay, let's get to it before November rolls by.

THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featured Artistes: FLO (feat. Nsikak), Tex, Tim Godfrey

How did the first week in October go?  Fine, I hope.  Well, to cap off the week, here are three free songs courtesy of the following artistes: FLO, Tex, and Tim Godfrey.

God Alone - FLO featuring Nsikak

FLO | ReverbNation

Versatile Blogger Award: Courtesy of Dr. Fomsky

Dr. Fomsky gave me the Versatile Blogger Award last week, and the song that keeps playing in my head is Ori mi wu o, e l'agi mo.  In case you were wondering, that's Rooftop MCs song, Lagimo.  Yes, the one with Cobhams.  Okay, let's not get carried away now.  Thank you very much, Dr.  Fomsky! The award came as a surprise to me, and truly made my day ... week.  Lol!  So, why was I surprised, you might ask.  Well, simply because Toinlicious had passed it on to me last year.

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So, I have completed Part 1 of the Rules.  Oh wait! Where are my manners?  ('At home,'  replied a certain somebody).  Here are the rules for accepting the award:

Praying for our 52 year-old nation, Nigeria, is just Step One

Happy New Month.  Happy Independence Day.  Happy Birthday, Nigeria.  Or maybe I should say Mrs. Nigeria (our country is a 'she' right?)  I have no idea who Nigeria is married to, though. *coy smile*

Although Nigerians living outside Nigeria don't get the day off, October 1st is still important for the same reason:  it's Nigeria's independence day.  And today, Nigeria is 52 years old.  No comments on that.

Nigerian Flag | Source