Praying for our 52 year-old nation, Nigeria, is just Step One

Happy New Month.  Happy Independence Day.  Happy Birthday, Nigeria.  Or maybe I should say Mrs. Nigeria (our country is a 'she' right?)  I have no idea who Nigeria is married to, though. *coy smile*

Although Nigerians living outside Nigeria don't get the day off, October 1st is still important for the same reason:  it's Nigeria's independence day.  And today, Nigeria is 52 years old.  No comments on that.

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However, I will comment on this.  When it comes to Nigeria's numerous issues and problems, we are wont to say 'God dey' or 'Let's just pray for Nigeria.'  I firmly believe in prayer.  It is our lifeline to God and the means through which we pour out our hearts before Him.  But, prayer is a two-way line:  we speak to God ... and God speaks back to us.  That's the way it should be.

Let us keep praying for Nigeria, because we desperately need prayers.  We should definitely start with prayers, but please let us not stop there.  Prepare to hear from God to show you your own part in the process of change.  Thank Him when He does, and then, DO IT.  Don't just stop at prayer.  Each of us has an active role to perform in re-building this country.  On days like this, I worry about the things that have not changed since the day I was born till today (e.g. poor leadership, erratic electricity, etc) and more importantly, I worry about the things that will still remain unchanged,  long after I am gone.  In spite of all this, I remain optimistic that things will get better.  With my input, of course.  You are a part of the process. Regardless of where you are, please do your own part for Nigeria.

Before I leave, I want to share PITA's song, One Man, with you.  I think it suits the occasion.

Happy Independence Day again!

P.S.  If you're worried about not seeing your old comments on this blog, fear not! They have not been deleted, and hopefully before the end of the week, they should be available again.  Thanks for understanding.

Janyl: Thanks. Happy Independence Day to you too!

Yeah, we need to me people of faith and add actions to our prayers

Atilola:  Definitely.  Faith and actions go hand in hand.  

I totally agree with you cuz we need to work the talk which is usually not the case these days. It's easy to sit back and point fingers while our very environment can't feel the impact of our existence.

Michael Onobote

Michael: Well said! Each of us has a role to perform and the sooner we 'get busy' doing something, the better. Sitting around and complaining doesn't solve anything. It never has.


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