I Recommend, You Listen: 5 Naija Gospel Songs to Power Your Week

Almost everyday, I receive emails from Nigerian gospel artistes, promoters, bloggers, etc sharing new music with me.  While I would love to tell you that every single song I listen to is awesome, uplifting and unforgettable (in a good way), that is not the case.

So, I have decided that in addition to sharing new releases with you, I will also compile a list of recommended, hand-selected songs for you to add to your music playlist. These songs will be uplifting, inspiring and encouraging to power your week.

Who doesn't want that? :-)

If you have any songs you would like to recommend, kindly send the relevant details (music file, i.e. mp3 or mp4, cover art and press release / biography) to music@therelentlessbuilder.com.

Here is the first set of recommended Nigerian gospel songs to power your week.

1. Bunibe - Obiora Obiwon

Released in September 2015, Bunibe is a "unique pop interpretation of the trendy highlife polyrhythmic sounds traceable to south-eastern Nigeria, Obiwon’s origin." Obiwon gives you different scenarios, everyday life experiences where you have to "bunibe" your way to victory.

According to Obiwon, Bunibe means "to lift," "to raise" and "to praise."

The song was produced by Phat-E.

2. God Dey - Anyi Egbe

The first thing that hits you when you hear this song is that afrobeat flavor.  It's hard to miss.  And in this song, Ifeanyichukwu "Anyi" Egbe reminds us that we serve a living God.  Let this song remind you of God's faithfulness this week.

I'm serving a living God, I am serving a living God.  That part is stuck in my head.  :-)

The song was produced by Johnny Drille.

3. Floodgates (The New OverFlow) - Obiora Obiwon

Floodgates (The New OverFlow) was released in June 2015 as part of Obiwon's forthcoming album.

It also commemorates his 10th year in the Nigerian music industry.

What makes this song particularly special for me is that it samples, and in fact, incorporates a classical song that is dear to me: Lift Up Your Heads by George Frideric Handel (part of Handel's Messiah).  The lyrics of that song are taken from Psalm 24.

I love Obiwon's remake and the unique Naija flavor he injects in it.  This song gets me excited every time. :-)

4. Enjoy You - Raymond Okoro

I discovered this lovely song by Raymond Okoro on Selah Afrik, a Nigerian gospel music website. This song just always stands out in my mind for many reasons, but I'll share two here: 

(1) it's like the artiste is having a heartfelt conversation with God and lets us listen to it; and (2) the beautiful blend and balance between the artiste's strong vocals and the instruments (especially the piano).  

I'll let your ears judge.  :-)

It was produced by Wole Oni.

5. Feeling You - Psalmos Featuring Kenny K'ore

This is the 2nd collaboration between Psalmos and Kenny K'ore that I'm aware of.  The 1st, of course, is Ku'se, a delighful duet. :-)

Feeling You incorporates a popular (and might I add, "classic") Nigerian praise and worship song.  

Let me refresh your memory:

He is all over me, 
He's moving me around
The Holy Ghost power is moving me around

Sounds familiar, ba?  Well, in this song, Psalmos and Kenny K'ore describe the tangible presence of God and declare that they are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Neither am I. :-)

Have a blessed week!


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