And the Award for the Most Despised Relative Goes To ...

Even as I searched for the picture to use for this blog post, I came across several naughty (I'm putting it mildly, believe me) jokes referring to mothers-in-law.  So, I just gave away one of the nominees.  Yes, the mother-in-law.

Coming in close for this competition is the sister-in-law.  I know some people may have nominated their brothers, sisters, cousins, and even parents for this.  But, hands down, the most popular complaint (especially from women) about relatives they would rather have nothing to do with, revolves around one person: the mother-in-law.  I think she should win that award.  Now, let's talk.

"God Provides" is the Name of a Secondary School in Enugu

These are NOT students of "God Provides"

Note:  These are not students of "God Provides."

Seriously, I did not make this up.  I came across the name of this school last year and could not believe it.  It is called "God Provides Secondary School" or GPSS for short and it is located in Enugu State. This is definitely at the top of my list of odd names for schools.  But then again, no be Naija? Should anything surprise you?

The Assistant Class Captain: What Exactly does He or She do?

Which of them is the Class Captain? I pick the only boy with the school bag.
The list of noisemakers is in his bag.

Following the previous post on Class Captains, the next logical step is to talk about the Assistant, ba? Thank you to every one who supplied ideas for what the assistant class captain does.

Next to the Class Captain, the assistant is the next most important person.  He or she essentially carries out the duties of the Class Captain when the Captain is sick or absent from class for whatever reason e.g. attending the National Conference of Class Captains in Nigeria, where competing Class Captains from the four corners of Nigeria meet in Abuja for one purpose: to compare lists of noisemakers to see whose list is the longest.  Or something like that.

When they are not attending this all-important conference, here are a few other things assistant class captains do:

How Old is Too Old to Sit on Santa's Laps?

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T's (Santa Claus) laps.  Where's his cap?

To be clear, the picture above did not inspire this post, but I think it suits the topic: how old is too old to sit on Santa's laps.

Now, for the sake of clarity, I need to state that the real reason for Christmas is Jesus.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  However, unless you've been living under a rock, there is an entire Christmas culture built around the non-existent Santa Claus.  So, in today's world, Christmas also evokes images of the big bellied old man wearing red and white.  Don't even ask me why I am posting a Santa Claus-themed post in January.

Class Captain: The Student Everyone Loves to Hate

The Class Captain is the student who is usually elected by other classmates (if it's a democracy) or selected by the class teacher (if it's a teacho-cracy ... sorry, I meant 'dictatorship') to lead the class.  The presumption is that students are an unruly herd of cattle or pirates who need a captain.

Okay, seriously, students need one of their peers to represent them.  For most students, that's the lowest form of politics at the school level, and for some it is the training ground for leadership in subsequent years.

Happy New Year! It's 2014!

Welcome to 2014, a brand new year!

Thank God for His mercies in 2013.  I pray that you will experience more of God's faithfulness and all-round favor this year in Jesus name.