The Assistant Class Captain: What Exactly does He or She do?

Which of them is the Class Captain? I pick the only boy with the school bag.
The list of noisemakers is in his bag.

Following the previous post on Class Captains, the next logical step is to talk about the Assistant, ba? Thank you to every one who supplied ideas for what the assistant class captain does.

Next to the Class Captain, the assistant is the next most important person.  He or she essentially carries out the duties of the Class Captain when the Captain is sick or absent from class for whatever reason e.g. attending the National Conference of Class Captains in Nigeria, where competing Class Captains from the four corners of Nigeria meet in Abuja for one purpose: to compare lists of noisemakers to see whose list is the longest.  Or something like that.

When they are not attending this all-important conference, here are a few other things assistant class captains do:

  1. Take over the post of the Class Captain if the Captain cannot continue in office for some weird reason e.g. gets transferred to another school in the middle of a semester.  Rarely happens.
  2. Writes down the names of those who are NOT making noise to compare with the Class Captain's list of noisemakers.  Okay, I made that up, but I wouldn't be shocked to find out some oversabi overambitious assistant class captain did something similar.
  3. Spends countless hours plotting on how to topple the regime of the Class Captain and take over by force.  This type of assistant eventually joins the military and carries out this plan in real life.  
  4. Does all the "odd jobs" the Class Captain does not want to do e.g. submitting tons of homework for the class.  Thanks Cee for this one.
  5. Takes over when the Class Captain is sick or misses school for whatever reason.  Thanks Fantasy Queen for this one.

That is all.  What would you add to this list?

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LOOOL! As in, that assistant class captain position is just useless. I'm teaching Literature to SS2 students and I gave them assignments like 4 times. All 4 times they refused to submit early and when they finally do (through the class oga), the guy always comes up with funny excuses. So yesterday I had to ask if they had an assistant class captain. They said yes. Turns out the assistant is just like Namadi Sambo. The person just dey occupy position, no work, no impact. Funny students. -David Adeleke (

David I. Adeleke


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