Class Captain: The Student Everyone Loves to Hate

The Class Captain is the student who is usually elected by other classmates (if it's a democracy) or selected by the class teacher (if it's a teacho-cracy ... sorry, I meant 'dictatorship') to lead the class.  The presumption is that students are an unruly herd of cattle or pirates who need a captain.

Okay, seriously, students need one of their peers to represent them.  For most students, that's the lowest form of politics at the school level, and for some it is the training ground for leadership in subsequent years.

Generally, there were two main types of Class Captains:

  1. The Good Class Captain
  2. The Bad (or Corrupt) Class Captain

How original, shey?  Just hang in there and let's continue.

The Good Class Captain actually does his or her job properly, i.e. snitches on his/her friends to the class teacher by putting their names on the list of names of noisemakers, and does whatever class captains generally do, regardless of the cost.  I mention the cost here because being "good" comes at a price, i.e he might have few or no friends because he will not bend or break the rules in their favor.  Students don't respond well to that.

The Bad Class Captain, as you might imagine, will break the rules at the drop of a hat.  His friends will benefit from this "arrangement."

I imagine that there are some class captains who fell somewhere in the middle, but we'll ignore them for now.

Although I did not start out writing this as some sort of metaphor, I could not help noticing that the Class Captain is similar to the policeman.  He enforces the law, and if he does his job properly he will offend a lot of people.

Of course, in the absence of the class captain, the assistant class captain takes over. Which brings us to another completely different topic, i.e. what does the assistant class captain do?  I don't know, but I'll figure it out by the next blog post.  Or you can help me jump start it in the comments. :-)

So, what was your experience like with Class Captains? Please share.

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LOL!! The list of noise makers was the class captain's main weapon. Although it was subject to the powers behind it i.e. a 'wicked' class teacher made us dread the list while an easy going one made us take it for granted.

The assistant class captain did all the "odd jobs" the class captain didn't want to do like Submitting tons of homework for the class.


Cee: You must have a really good memory o! Honestly, I didn't even remember the homework part. Not to mention that if for whatever reason the class captain couldn't "continue in office" the assistant automatically took over. That rarely ever happened.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Lmao... I remember my jss3... we had the goody goody class captain. And then SS1 was the bad captain, she wouldn't write the names of her friends on the noise maker list... memories


9jaFoodie: Lol! You tasted both "types." On a completely unrelated note, I just remembered the advert for "goody goody" (that extra thin chewy milk chocolate in a red wrapper ... #DontJudgeMe) after reading your comment.
*singing* Goody goody's back .... the side of the wrapper makes your mouth water ... " Cheesy advert!

lol, the dreaded 'names of noisemakers' list. Good old memories... The assistant class captiain took over when the class captain was sick or missed school for some reason.


Fantasy Queen: Yesss! That is so true. Why didn't I think of that? Whenever the class captain was out of the picture, the assistant got a chance to shine. For a while. Thanks for sharing!

Hahahaha...All those wayo class captain.


In the Midst of Her: Say what? You were very compassionate. I bet none of them would have reciprocated though.

The assistant class captain to be honest I don't know too what they do, but the class captain at some point in primary school was the good one but secondary school? They were pretty much BAD ones almost all through, give 'em the 'but we are good friends' look and you were home and dry.

Missy Tee


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