How Many Boyfriends or Girlfriends is Too Many?

One of my favorite Yoruba movies, which is now classified as a Classic Yoruba movie, is Aya mi Owon (Madam Dearest) by Tade Ogidan (2005), starring Opeyemi Aiyeola, Sola Sobowale (a.k.a Toyin Tomato), Akin Lewis, Yemi Solade and Gabriel Afolayan among others.  This was my first Gabriel Afolayan movie, but that is not the only reason why I remember this movie with fondness.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Okey Sokay, Nolly CIA, Emmykokz, Minor

This Friday is extra-special.  You know why? Because it's the last Friday in the month of July!

I don't know what you were expecting me to say. *straight face*

Anyway, before we officially start the weekend, here are three songs from Nigerian gospel artistes, which they have generously made available for free.  So, download and enjoy.  Or read the press release first :-)

1. Okey Sokay - Aka Remix 
Featuring Nolly CIA

The original Aka song was featured here.  Now, the remix is also available.  Which is your favorite version? Me, I like them both.  I can't decide. Here's the press release:

SONG REVIEW: C-Stas - Jesu Mi

How often do you come across a group of young ladies in Nigerian gospel music who can actually sing? For me, it's rare.  As at the time of this review, C-Stas is one of two purely female Nigerian gospel groups I know.  If you know of any others, be sure to share their music with me at

Believe me, I am always on the lookout for female artistes who can really sing.

C-Stas // Facebook

To get a real taste of C-Stas' flavor, check out their other single, Moni O.  That is my favorite single by this group till date.

Now, having said that, let me introduce their new single to you.  It's called Jesu Mi, which is Yoruba for "My Jesus," and you can listen to it below:

Huggers, Choose Your Team: Team iLoveHugs, Team NoNearMe, Team AnythingGoes

I know the title says "huggers,"  but this post really applies to everyone: huggers and non-huggers alike.  In my own experience, I have come across three major categories of people when it comes to hugs.  I decided to group them as you will see in the subsequent paragraphs.

But before we jump in, I might as well confess, that I belong to the 2nd team: Team NoNearMe.  To a certain extent.

Oya, let me explain myself.

MUSIC: Dr. Sankty - Spirit of Peace Featuring T-Klex

It is impossible to listen to this song and not notice the "Malian" (or is it Senegalese) influence in it.  This style is called AfroFusion.

Until I heard this track, the only other gospel artiste I had heard experiment with that "Malian" element was Kenny K'ore.  I like Dr. Sankty and T-Klex's version especially as they weave in noticeable Hausa lyrics into the song. Something different.  I like!

Okay, you can listen to it now. :-)

Nigerian Women Living Abroad are More Promiscuous than Women Living in Nigeria

First of all, thank you to everyone who checked up on me while I was away.  I appreciate it o :D

I am back from my "sabbatical" and have so much to say.  But, I'll ease in gently.

Now for today's post.

Delightful Duets: Elfrida and Uchman - We Stand in Awe

My first impression when I heard the opening lines to Elfrida and Uchman's duet "We Stand in Awe" was "Here we go again ..."

Over the last couple of months, I had listened to a series of gospel songs that made me wonder if there was hope at all for Nigerian gospel music.  

But when I heard this song, I felt relief.  Those harmonies, the song arrangement ... There is hope after all.