SONG REVIEW | Gba Control - Tony Adoki featuring FLO and GAISE


A self-described "true son of Lagos," Anthony "Tony" Adoki who is originally from Rivers State, is a singer, songwriter and praise worship leader who has more than 14 years of experience under his belt.

He released his debut album "Don't Give Up" in 2009, and is currently available for sale on ReverbNation.  His latest single, "Gba Control,"  which features artiste/producer FLO and gospel rapper, GAISE, is the subject of today's review. [Source]


Likes:  From the high-energy, fast-paced, dance-worthy beats to the song arrangement to the vocals (main vocals and background vocals), this is an altogether well-produced song.  There is something about this song, especially the memorable chorus, that makes you think you've always known this song.  That familiarity is built into the structure.  You know a song is good when you keep repeating the hook/chorus.  Well, that is precisely what happened to me since I first heard the song.  It just stays in your head.  Don't be surprised when you wake up in the middle of the night singing those lyrics.  And that is not a bad thing considering that it is a valid prayer.

What You Sow, You Shall Reap

I once heard a preacher say that the first half of the year should be spent sowing the word of God through deliberate confessions, so that you will have a harvest to gather during the second half.


The American Solution to Long, "Hard-to-Pronounce" African Names

A few months ago, I heard this funny story about how Peter O' Toole ended up "christening" Omar Sharif with a completely different name: Fred.

Over the years, I have watched in horror, as Americans (mostly) have tried to pronounce long Nigerian / African names.  Even when the person with the long name provides a shorter, more jaw-friendly name, just to avoid having his name mis-pronounced so regularly, the result is the same:  both the original name and the nickname end up badly butchered.

OFFICIAL VIDEO | Kenny K'ore: Yalako

Kenny K'ore recently released the official music video for Yalako, a song off his "Eledumare Reloaded" album.

[Image Source]

5 Examples of Delicious Nigerian Meals Which Are (Unfortunately) Not Work-Friendly

You know, while I was trying to decide how to frame the title, I came up with an alternative title:  5 Delicious Nigerian Meals that your boss must not catch you eating.  I just was not sure that would be as "all-encompassing" as the one I settled for.

Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup // Lohi's Creations

Okay, enough with the titles.  Off to the koko.  

Said the Squirrel: "Many hotdogs are within you"

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Have you seen the new Pepto Bismol advertisement? What?! You mean you didn't know that Pepto Bismol now comes in a handy pocket size? Goodness.  We have to fix that.  Well, you don't have to hoist that bottle of pink around with you anymore.  Oh no.  It is now portable.  I'll keep quiet now, and let the squirrel do the talking.  

Why You Absolutely Must Make Friends With Donkeys

I live in the South, and there are several farms in this area.  Recently, I heard a story about a farmer that made me wonder.  The characters in the story are: the farmer, some cows, a donkey, and a nameless predator.  Okay, I will name the predator in the next paragraph.

Singing Donkey // Pinterest

OFFICIAL VIDEOS: Midnight Crew | "I Know You" and "Extra Praise"

Midnight Crew, one of Nigeria's most popular gospel music groups, released two music videos in December 2012.  Both videos are for songs off their King of Nations album.

King of Nations Album Cover // Amazon
Four of my favorite tracks on that album are:

Happy New Year || 2013 will be Exciting and Amazing!

Do you know how excited I have been for 2013?  My goodness, I can't even describe it.  And if you ask me why, I can't even tell you. Let's leave that for now.

New Year Cookies // Pinterest via Annie's Eats