SONG REVIEW | Gba Control - Tony Adoki featuring FLO and GAISE


A self-described "true son of Lagos," Anthony "Tony" Adoki who is originally from Rivers State, is a singer, songwriter and praise worship leader who has more than 14 years of experience under his belt.

He released his debut album "Don't Give Up" in 2009, and is currently available for sale on ReverbNation.  His latest single, "Gba Control,"  which features artiste/producer FLO and gospel rapper, GAISE, is the subject of today's review. [Source]


Likes:  From the high-energy, fast-paced, dance-worthy beats to the song arrangement to the vocals (main vocals and background vocals), this is an altogether well-produced song.  There is something about this song, especially the memorable chorus, that makes you think you've always known this song.  That familiarity is built into the structure.  You know a song is good when you keep repeating the hook/chorus.  Well, that is precisely what happened to me since I first heard the song.  It just stays in your head.  Don't be surprised when you wake up in the middle of the night singing those lyrics.  And that is not a bad thing considering that it is a valid prayer.

This is one song you will definitely want to add to your "Praise and Worship" collection.  I would neatly classify it as Contemporary Praise and Worship. Running for just 3:27, the song packs an impressive amount of energy into a few minutes of up-tempo praise.

The all-male background vocals are not merely incidental.  I believe they were carefully picked to fit into the overall structure of the song.  I say this because they add a certain strength/solidity to this song, which positively reinforces the message.  Just in case you have not yet figured it out, "Oluwa wa gba control" means "Lord, come and take control." FLO and GAISE whose parts are quite brief add a nice garnish to the flavor.

One more thing.  You know how the song says "Oluwa wa gba control?" Well, my overall impression is this (and I have to say this in Yoruba first): "Tony, o definitely gba control orin yi." Translation: Tony, you definitely took control of this song!

Dislikes:  There was something about this song that initially threw me off.  At the intro, FLO starts out announcing the names of the artistes.  That led me to believe it was actually FLO's song.  However, as it turns out, this is Tony Adoki's song, and FLO and GAISE are featured on this track.

While I am not aware of rigid rules about this, I think it would have been better if the song started out with the main artiste, i.e. Tony Adoki.  This, in my opinion, would have been a less confusing strategy.

Recommendations:  Tony Adoki should have introduced the song as he is the main artiste.


Here is some more information on today's featured artiste:

Artiste's Stage Name:  Tony Adoki

Artiste's Real Name: Anthony Adoki

Connect with Artiste:  Facebook | Twitter

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation | SoundCloud

Buy Album/MP3s: ReverbNation Store


Although at this time there is no video for "Gba Control," Tony has a music video for another song titled Durotimi, featuring Michael Abdul.  You might want to check it out.


Did you know that "Gba Control" was available as a Free Download?  Well, here it is.  Download and Enjoy!

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Yayyy Tony!!!! Love him.


Niice. whoever picked the artists did a great job. I LOVE everything FLO does, so the song get a triple check. ::off to go check out gospelcitymusic::


Inyamu: Sounds like you know him personally. Small world!

Dayo: You should definitely check them out. FLO is certainly talented and mostly sticks to his niche (Christian Rock). I think that's a wise move.


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