This Friday's Free Downloads | Featured Artistes: Paul Oti, CIA, Jhiedy, Emmanuel Hero, Juwon Johnson, Femi Okunuga, Kunle Kenny

Can you believe that today is the last day of February?  Where did the month go?  Well, I certainly hope this month was an awesome one for you.  Here are seven songs to help celebrate all the wonderful things that happened in February (and usher in the month of March).  In no particular order, enjoy songs from the following artistes, followed by a short excerpt from their press releases:

  1. Paul Oti - Malafakumo (Don't be afraid)
  2. Christ I Abide (C.I.A) - All A'Dem
  3. Jhiedy - Faith Realm
  4. Emmanuel Hero - Nara Ekele
  5. Juwon Johnson - Je Kan Mo (Let them know)
  6. Femi Okunuga - Emi Orun (Holy Spirit)
  7. Kunle Kenny - Ijo Ope

*Let me know which ones you really like!

1. Paul Oti - Malafakumo (Don't be afraid)

Paul Oti is a music minister and vocal coach with passion for God based in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. He has worked with Ebiere and Afy Douglas who are top notch gospel acts in the South-South region and has organised great concerts to promote the gospel of Christ. He loves training choirs and helping people that are not very good singers to be the best.

MUSIC: Ada Ehi - "Ope" and "I'm Rich" Featuring Frank Edwards

Following the release of a double album ("Lifted" and "So Fly") last year, Ada has decided to share two singles: one from each album.  And in case you were wondering, yes, they are both free.  Here is the press release, followed by download links:

NEPA, I Blame You for all the Movies and Cartoons I Never Finished Watching

Dodo, the kid from outer space

I have no doubt in my mind that the first word of some babies born in Nigeria (maybe even me too) was NEPA, as opposed to "Mama" or "Papa" or even "Landlord."  Just as an aside, I wonder how many babies of tenants were actually fathered by the landlord.  Will we ever know? Okay, I won't go there.

But, NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) was a necessary part of every child's vocabulary.  Even though the name has been changed to PHCN, the effect is the same: erratic power supply.  As a child, I joined everyone in calmly reprimanding cursing and abusing NEPA when they 'took light,' and joined them in praising NEPA when power was restored.


Open Day and Why Many Students Hated It

Okay, not all students hated "open day," but let's just say it wasn't an occasion students looked forward to.

Open Day is the one day in a semester/term set aside for parents and guardians to come to their child's school, meet with teachers and decide the fate of that child inspect the child's schoolwork to make sure he or she is on the right track academically.  That's all good on paper.