Open Day and Why Many Students Hated It

Okay, not all students hated "open day," but let's just say it wasn't an occasion students looked forward to.

Open Day is the one day in a semester/term set aside for parents and guardians to come to their child's school, meet with teachers and decide the fate of that child inspect the child's schoolwork to make sure he or she is on the right track academically.  That's all good on paper.

In reality, when parents show up in school and see their child's grades the reaction (predictably) is usually one of the following: joy or horror.  Joy is understandable if what they see is the same or even better than what the child has updated them with all semester long.  But the "horror" part is the one I am interested in.


Because in those cases, the parent discovers that either their child has been painting a better picture of their grades than is the case OR their child has been flat-out lying.  It is during open day that some parents discover that their children are truants (i.e. don't attend classes at all), and you can trust Nigerian parents.  They have no qualms about yelling at, slapping, beating and generally embarrassing their children in public. Okay, not all of them do that, but some do. Some teachers will even join in self.

In short, Open day is Judgment Day in the middle of the semester. Now, you understand why some students hated (or still hate) it.

What were some of the things you loved or hated about Open Day?  Please share.

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