NEPA, I Blame You for all the Movies and Cartoons I Never Finished Watching

Dodo, the kid from outer space

I have no doubt in my mind that the first word of some babies born in Nigeria (maybe even me too) was NEPA, as opposed to "Mama" or "Papa" or even "Landlord."  Just as an aside, I wonder how many babies of tenants were actually fathered by the landlord.  Will we ever know? Okay, I won't go there.

But, NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) was a necessary part of every child's vocabulary.  Even though the name has been changed to PHCN, the effect is the same: erratic power supply.  As a child, I joined everyone in calmly reprimanding cursing and abusing NEPA when they 'took light,' and joined them in praising NEPA when power was restored.


Truth be told, I didn't care if NEPA took light when they were showing "The Prince and the Pauper," or "The Lady and the Tramp" or "Gboromiro" or even "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."  But, I was particularly furious and took it personal when NEPA decided to take light after patiently waiting for people to call in for DBN's (a.k.a Degue Broadcasting Network) Nite Shift, vote for the movies they wanted to watch, and then just as they were about to show the movie of the night (or worse still half-way through the movie), NEPA would strike.  Can you imagine the horror, the frustration, the anger?

It was clear to me at that point, that nobody in their right mind would name their child, NEPA.

Specifically, I blame you NEPA for half-watched episodes and parts of:

  • Checkmate
  • Willi-Willi
  • Robin Hood
  • The Lion King, Part 2
  • Dodo, the kid from outer space
  • Pingu (that annoying penguin)
  • Teddy Ruxspin
  • Super Ted
  • Kidd Video
  • All those Spanish and Brazilian telenovelas (No one but you, Maria de Los Angeles)
  • Uncountable movies

Yes, I know that this is 2014 and I can find these movies, cartoons, TV shows on YouTube or even Netflix.  But no amount of YouTube-ing can eradicate the personal beef I have for NEPA.  Beef is real.  It knows neither time nor space nor .... Okay, I'm just rambling now.  In short sha, I am still beefing NEPA because they ruined the original movie/TV-watching experience for me on multiple occasions.

So, NEPA in Michael Jackson's famous words, "Have you seen my childhood?"

*eyes NEPA* I didn't think so.  Mschewww!

What movies and TV shows did NEPA ruin for you?  Share in the comments.  It'll ease the pain. :D

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Thanks for reactivating my beef!


Is DBN still there? I wonder.

Sisi Blu

LOL.. I share your pain hun.. The one I will never forget was when I was watching the movie 'For love of the game' and NEPA struck halfway! Arghhh.. I never got round to watching it again!

And this is after praying fervently before and during the movie "NEPA please don't take light, NEPA please don't take light (sic)" double mschewwww!

1 + The One

Lol! This is so true. For me it was the Nickelodeon shows like Kenan and Kel or Cousin Skeeter. I'd wait all day to watch them (they were usually the last shows to be broadcast) and 'NEPA' would rudely spoil the enjoyment.

Vegan Nigerian

Loool. Lets just barbecue that beef for NEPA and forgive them. Funny thing, it never used to happen when we watched Arelu sha


Sisi BLU: Lol @ reactivating beef. I have no idea if DBN is still around sha. Funny enough I found a Naija website that supposedly streams DBN and other stations live. It's

1 + The One: Chai! Me sef I feel your pain. It's more painful to watch it halfway and be "emotionally invested" and then NEPA strikes, than to not watch it in the first place. Ignorance is bliss, shey?
Lol @ those NEPA-related prayer points. You try sef. You prayed before and during the movie. See wickedness! :D

Vegan Nigerian: .... And NEPA strikes again! *smh* I really pity those whose families work for NEPA. All the 'epe' (curses) that Nigerians have heaped on them ehn ... There's no telling when NEPA will strike or bring back light.

Toin: Lol @ barbequeing beef. You just made me hungry. Hehe!

I haven't seen Arelu before o, but it sounds like awon NEPA had a special contract with the producers. Weird.


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