Naming Children After Cities, Towns, Villages: Would You Do it?

Here in the US, there are people who were named after American towns and cities.  So, you have people with names like:

  • Dallas (as in Dallas, Texas)
  • Dakota (as in South Dakota)
  • America (no explanation necessary)

But, with Nigerians, it's different.  I am aware that we use names of towns and cities as nicknames as in Mama Calabar, Iya Ijesha, Baba Ibadan or Ada Owerri but these names do not appear on anyone's birth certificate.  I hope.

As adventurous as we can sometimes be with naming children, I haven't heard anyone naming their child the following:

1. Damaturu
2. Abakaliki
3. Nnewi

The irony is that some of our towns were actually named after the people who founded the towns and settled there.  Does it happen vice-versa too? Anyway, naming a child after a town might be fine.  At least, it is still better than calling a child 'Junior.'  Don't even get me started on that one.

Do you know anyone named after a town, city, village in Nigeria?  Please share!

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I don't know anyone named after a place in Nigeria but I think it's a cool idea. They would have to be nice sounding names though..hmm. Imagine someone named 'Lagos' or 'Lekki' (nickname: kiki) or 'Ikeja' (nickname: keji) or 'Ekiti' (nickname: kiti/kitty)... This should become a thing! lol

Vegan Nigerian

Vegan Nigerian: Lol! For someone who doesn't know, you were certainly ready with examples. Hehe! I'm impressed with the nicknames you coined o. Still hung up on Keji and Ikeja. I would never have guessed. You more than tried. Thanks :-)

Hahahhaha oh how quickly I was about to go 'ye Nigerians are now naming ppl after cities?'.,.. but when I see the American examples I no fit talk anymore. For some reason it sounds better to be a Dakota Fanning than an Ilesha Ayotunde

Nollywood Reinvented: Bwa ha ha! I actually agree with you. It seems more acceptable to name a child 'Dallas' but not 'Ilesha.' Please don't name your child, Ilesha.

In the Midst of Her: Lol! Yes, some would. But I am sure some would like it and copy it. Next thing you know, it's "trending." *smh*


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