"Sister, Your Scarf is Tantalizing" and Other Lame Pickup Lines

I am a firm believer that a woman must be wooed, courted, toasted (pick any verb you like) by a man.  Not the other way round.  For some reason, guys think that pick-up lines are good ways to strike up conversations with ladies. Love it or hate it, guys use them regularly.

Having been a victim of listened to a few pickup lines myself, I think the smart, witty ones work.  But the lame ones are just ... lame. *smh*

Unfortunately, Christian brothers are known for their lame pickup lines.  That has to stop.  Enough of the "Sister, I had a dream, and I was rowing a boat, and then just like that ... Fiam! I saw you walking on water towards my boat.  You are my wife." Enough of the "Oh, sister, your scarf is tantalizing! Shall we break bread together?" etcetera, etcetera.

I would hope that nobody reading this has used any of these lines or similar lines.  I really hope not.  But, brothers if you learn nothing else today, please learn this: It's not too late to learn.  Read books.  Talk to your sisters, cousins, women selling roasted corn and ube, etc. I am sure they will gladly tell you if that line you're about to use will work or if it won't.  Ask your guy friends too, as long as they are not using those same black-listed lines.

But please, no more socially awkward, extra lame pickup lines.  The world is better without them. More importantly, we ladies deserve better.

What are some of the worst or best pickup lines you've ever heard?  Please share!

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I had a dream, and in that dream we were married
Pray about it sister, my dreams are always true :)

Janyl Benyl

Abi you have to go easy on us men especially the christian ones. There is a saying that practice makes perfect so us christian brethen tend to have lame pick up lines due to lack of practice and the fact that it can be embarassing if you face rejection from someone you attend church with and will be seeing regularly post rejection. At least you need to give credit for effort. If you really like someone I don't think the pick up line matters. Michael Jackson could have got a thousand women without any pick up line.


Janyl: Lol @ pray about it. So tell me ... Did you pray about it? His dreams are always true ... Does that include the nightmares? *smh*

Activeghman: If the toasting is welcome, then the guy gets credit. If not, he's on his own. Yes, if rejection comes from someone I the same social circles (school, church, work) then it can be embarassing. But I haven't seen that deter guys from trying. Pickup lines can be good "ice breakers" but some guys manage well without them.

Toin: *singing* Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream :-)


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