"PRINCI" is the Name of Every Federal Government College Principal

One of my most embarrassing moments was an incident with my school principal.  I blogged about it here.  I have since recovered from the 'horror,'  but the name 'Princi' brings back more than one memory.

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Jid-Vocals - Kabio'osi (Royalty) Featuring Mqhele

Gospel music sensation Jid~Vocals released the much-anticipated video for his previously premiered single Kabio`osi (Royalty) (song review here) which accentuates the indescribable attributes of an awesome God.

Enjoy the piece from the Elite Award recipient for Ukraine`s best gospel act as well as NGMA and CGA nominee. The video was shot in Ukraine.

SONG REVIEW: Stage One - Everything (Dry)

I introduced Stage One's latest single, Everything, on Sunday.  Now, for the review.  But just in case you have not heard (or downloaded) the song, you can download it here or below:

Free Music Friday: 2nd Edition

It's the end of the week, and as always, I have 7 free downloads for you to gbadun your weekend.  In no particular order, here they are:

Cover Art Candy: Episode 7

Every week, various eye-catching designs for the cover art for songs, EPs and albums by Nigerian gospel artistes will be showcased on this blog.  The idea is to highlight and appreciate the hard work and creativity of graphic artistes, illustrators and designers who work behind the scenes towards the success of each project.  

Here is the 7th Edition.  The links at the very bottom will take you to the pages where you can download these songs.

Let me know which covers you like.  Enjoy!

1. FLO - Sanctioned (CD Cover)

Relentless Travels: Cities and States I have visited in Nigeria

Although I spent most of my time in Lagos, I actually travelled to other parts of Nigeria while I lived there.  I still have at least 30 more states to visit :-) However, I have been to these towns and states (you better not laugh):

Calling your Boss by His or Her First Name

Power Distance is one of those things that shows the differences between cultures.  The Western world is known for having a lower power distance between employers and employees.  This is very different from say, African cultures, where a high power distance is the norm.

Makeup: What Age Should Nigerian School Girls Start Wearing it?

This might not be a big deal in America since schools usually allow girls to wear makeup.  It is quite normal to see girls in junior high (talk less of high school) wearing makeup.

However, in Nigeria, female students wearing makeup to school is generally forbidden.  If you went to primary and/or secondary school in Nigeria, can you imagine wearing makeup to school and your teachers' reaction? Assuming, of course, your parents (especially your mother) did not see your face that morning. Needless to say, that girl go chop cane taya!

[NEW MUSIC] Stage One - Everything (Dry)

Stage One is a Christian Rock Band based in Jos, Plateau State. I had featured them when I wrote reviews of three of their past singles (Rise Again, The Rising and Cry).  So, you know I had to let you know when their new single came out.  It is called Everything (Dry), and you can listen and download it here or below:

PCE Crew Announces "ReWired" Album Tour Dates in Maryland

Following their successful Rewired album launch on September 8th, I received the following press release from PCE Crew, announcing their US tour dates:

Free Music Fridays: 1st Edition

This month, I hit the reset button on some of the serial blog posts.  I will be re-vamping them, and this "free fridays" series is one of the series that will be getting a makeover.  Look out for more changes over the next few weeks.

Cover Art Candy: Episode 6

Every week,  various eye-catching designs for songs, albums and EPs by Nigerian gospel artistes will be showcased on this blog.  The idea is to highlight and appreciate the hard work and creativity of graphic artistes and designers who work behind the scenes towards the success of each project.  

Here is the 6th Edition.  The links at the very bottom will take you to the pages where you can download these songs.  

Let me know which covers you like.  Enjoy!

1. IBK Spaceshipboi - Light in me 
featuring TyChi

The Quiet Janders Are Not Yet Born

After writing this post on the things that identify janded students, it occurred to me that janding was really a big deal if other students knew you had janded.  In other words, travelling abroad or 'janding' was useless if your classmates were unaware of where you had been.

Parents Disowning Children: When is it right?

Parents hold their children very close.  And Nigerian parents are not different.  One of the duties and responsibilities of a parent is to educate their children on the things which their culture or society has labelled as "taboo."

10 Notorious Happenings on Public Buses in Nigeria

I started taking public transport when I was in junior secondary school.  I like to think that this was a positive, life-changing, enriching experience, but honestly, there are some things I wish I had not seen.  Don't worry.  After skimming this list, you'll understand.

Delightful Duets: 'Someone 2 Love' by Nikki Laoye and Jeremiah Gyang

For some strange reason, there have been fewer duets in Nigerian gospel music than before.  Now, there have been solo artistes featuring other people on their songs, but no 'real duets' with the harmony and all the "vocal effizee" we traditionally expect from a duet.

So, I have decided that when I find a really good one, I will share it here.  If you come across a duet you would like to see featured here, kindly send the details to me at music@therelentlessbuilder.com

To start things off, here is 'Someone 2 Love' by Nikki Laoye and Jeremiah Gyang.  Originally released as one of the songs from Nikki's debut "Angel 4 Life" album, I fell in love with this song from the moment I heard it on NotjustOK, a few years ago.

SONG REVIEW: Fadehan Adebolu, 'Ololufe'

I had shared this song last year in the post about introducing yourself to strangers.  But I never wrote the song review as promised.  Well, here I am today remedying that :-)

PCE CREW Releases Sophomore Album, REWIRED

Sometime in August, I got e-mails from a member of PCE Crew, and their Administrator, telling me about their upcoming album, Rewired.  In case you were wondering, PCE stands for 'Prominent Cease Entertainment.'  

I had already written a song review for their single, Nobody, so I had a fairly good idea of what their music was like.  But, I had no idea that a second album was in the works.

On September 8, 2013 (this past Sunday), PCE Crew launched their sophomore album, which is available on iTunes and Spinlet.  You can read more about their new project in the press release below:

[NEW MUSIC] IBK Spaceshipboi, 'Light In Me' Featuring TyChi

IBK Spaceshipboi's new single is titled Light in Me, and it features the powerful vocals of TyChi.  Don't you just love the cover artwork in all its illustrated glory? I certainly do! I'm still trying to figure out what part of Lagos this cover represents.  Isolo maybe?

The 'Freshman 30' is not the 'Jambite 30'

In American colleges and universities, the Freshman year is the first year of study.  The equivalent of this in Nigerian universities is 'Year 1' or '100 Level.'  Many schools refer to these first year students as Jambites, for the obvious reason, i.e. they had to pass JAMB (the university entrance examination) to gain admission into the university.  

During my freshman year, I had to take an introductory course, which explained what American college life was all about.  It was called 'US 101' (University Studies 101).  It was in this class that I first heard the term 'Freshman 30.'

Now, if you already know what the Freshman 30 is, please bear with me as I attempt to explain it to those who might not be familiar with the term.  (Chei! See grammar!)

Nigerian Student Wahala No. 7: Inadequate Infrastructure for Learning

To end this series I wanted to point out a major problem Nigerian students face, i.e. lack of suitable infrastructure for learning.

Names of Noisemakers in Class: Where are they now?

Hopefully, you will remember this from your primary and secondary school days.  If you had this experience in your university days, ahhh ... I shake my head vigorously.  That's just terrible!

And what experience am I referring to? Well, in class, since teachers were concerned about maintaining 'law and order' (I almost added SVU and CI to that), they designated a fellow student to write down the names of noisemakers in class.  The student usually charged with this awesome task, a.k.a the "Sell-out" or "Traitor" was usually the Class Captain.  We'll talk more about the Class Captain some other time.  But for now, let's focus on that subjective list: list of noisemakers.

[NEW MUSIC] Bimbola, 'Olori Aiye'

Bimbola sent me her new single, Olori Aiye, earlier this month, and of course, I had to share it with you guys.  I had actually come across her profile years ago on ReverbNation, and I particularly remember her soprano voice.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Mercy Drops by Derin Bello

The second music video recently released by Nigerian gospel artiste based in Canada, Derin Bello, is titled, Mercy Drops.  It was also filmed by Arjun Mano.

AUDIO: Dubem sings Reggae in 'For Real'

I have wanted to share this song for the longest time for two reasons:

(1) It's a reggae song; and
(2) It's by a female artiste.

So, why are those points important?

NEW MUSIC: Egbe (Lift Him) by Derin Bello

Derin Bello, whose music video for Yahweh was featured here earlier this week, recently released her first album titled 'Faces of Praise.'  Egbe is one of the tracks from that album.  'Egbe' is a Yoruba term meaning "Lift" and in the context of this song, it means to lift Jesus.  According to her ReverbNation page, Derin Bello:

Bringing Your 'Home Pillow' on Your Travels

On my way to the bookstore to write this blog post, I saw two ladies exiting a hotel.  One of them had a pillow in her hand.  The other lady was hauling their luggage.  Anyway, seeing them got me thinking about pillows and travel.

Nigerian Student Wahala No. 6: A Carry-Over Means Failure

In continuing with our series, today's topic deals with carry-overs.  In Nigerian polytechnics and universities, a 'carry-over' is synonymous with 'failure.'  If a student fails a course, he or she has to re-take it the following semester, or another subsequent semester. So, to 'carry over' a course, means to re-take the same course.

10 Crazy Things No Sane Student Would Ever Say to a Teacher

Happy New Month! Here is wishing you a very exciting and fulfilling September.  This is the first of the 'ember' months.  I smell Christmas in the air.  Do you?

To those in the US, Happy Labor Day.  Don't worry.  I plan to do little or nothing today :-)

I forget what I was doing or thinking when the idea for this post came to me.  Does it even matter? Okay, maybe after reading it, you can decide.  In no particular order, here are 10 crazy things I am sure no sane student would ever say to a teacher:

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Yahweh by Derin Bello

Derin Bello is a Nigerian gospel singer based in Canada.  She sent me her new music releases more than a month ago, and I will be sharing some of them, one after the other, over the course of the new week.