SONG REVIEW: PCE Crew - Nobody

I know you're probably wondering what "PCE" means.  The suspense is over: PCE stands for "Prominent Cease Entertainment."  There! Happy now?

PCE Crew // Facebook

PCE Crew also featured in last week's free downloads are a group of musicians based in the USA.  According to their press release, PCE Crew is:

 ... a leading group of Nigerian producers, singers and MCs (Fem-D, AY, Wollywood, Dapsy Do & D-Roye) based in the United States. Displaying a wide range of creativity and innovation, PCE Crew has crafted a brand new sound, while maintaining the Nigerian hip-hop flavor.

Their latest single, Nobody is the subject of today's review.  Listen to Nobody:


Likes:  From the word go, PCE Crew hit the ground running.  Absolutely no time is wasted with intro beats playing and absentee vocals like artistes typically do.  The song is a fast-paced, up-tempo one and that's the first thing that strikes you when you hit play.  The vocals were okay, save for a few hiccups (see below).

I liked the song arrangement, especially the sequence of the vocalists.  It seemed to be well-thought out and planned.  The beats were consistent, keeping the energy level high.  

The fade-out outro was good and made a lot of sense, given the "guns blazing," loud, up-tempo intro.

Dislikes:  The "as you see me I'm alright" part (along with the rest of that section) seemed like it did not belong in the song.  Furthermore, the minimal vocals at that point still sounded off-key.  The song would have been better off without that section, in my opinion.  The songwriting could also have been better.

Recommendations: Improve the songwriting.

More information on PCE Crew:

Group's Stage Name: PCE Crew (Prominent Cease Entertainment)

Group Members' Real Names:

Dapsy Do - Oladapo Adeniranye
D-Roye - Unknown
AY -  Ayo Oluokun
Wollywood - Adewale Odusanya
Fem-D - Unknown

Connect with PCE CrewFacebook | YouTube | Twitter

Individual Twitter Handles

Listen to more musicReverbNation | SoundCloud

Happy New Month in advance. No April Fool's Day jokes abeg.  At least, not on me :-) Ciao!


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