Finally, P.I.T.A (singer, songwriter, producer) released the official video for his song, Imela.  Imela was first released as a single, and I discovered it in my pre-blogging days (2009/2010).  This song happens to be one of my favorite tracks on his debut album, As I Am.  Admittedly though, Mma Mma Ekele ranks higher on my list (It's on the same album).

Imela was also one of the very first songs I featured on the very first post on this blog.  Are you keeping track of how many times I used the word "very" in one paragraph? *smh*  So, of course when I saw the new video, I just had to share it here!

PITA // ReverbNation

Just in case you were wondering, P.I.T.A is an acronym for Praise In This Age.  Pretty cool, huh?

I like the fact that PITA kept this video very simple.  The downside was having to wait so long for a video in the first place, but like they say, it's better late than never.

For more information on PITA, check out the links below:

Artiste's Stage Name: P.I.T.A (Praise In This Age)

Artiste's Real Name: Peter Linus

Connect with PITAWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Listen to more of PITA's songsI Want Airplay | ReverbNation

Featured Song:  Imela

Featured Album: As I Am

Buy AlbumiTunes 


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