Favorite Superbowl Commercial: Moose the Doritos-eating goat is (not) for sale

His name is Moose.  He is a goat.  And he loves eating Doritos.

From the very first day I watched this commercial, I loved it.  And I am glad it won.

Moose the Goat // Facebook

Of course, my favorite part of the commercial was the scream.  My goodness! It is the funniest scream ever! For days after I watched the ad, I walked all over the house practicing my goat scream, and startling other people in the process. *picture it*

After a few days, I gave up and I have since concluded that I cannot scream like a goat (technically, that was Keith Bahun's scream, but that is besides the point).  And that's a good thing.

Moose also reminded me of my Agricultural Science classes in secondary school, where we had to learn the species of goat available in Nigeria.  I still remember some of their names: Sokoto Red, West African Dwarf, etc.  I wonder what species of goat Moose is.  Kindly share if you know.

There's only one more question on my mind (and if you'll admit it, you're thinking the same thing too):  What would a Doritos-eating-goat taste like in any of our popular Nigerian dishes? A few examples:

For some strange reason, I could not find recipes for the following:

  • Goat Meat Ice Cream
  • Goat Meat Yoghurt

Do you want me to continue?  I'll just stop here.  I would hate to be on Moose's naughty list.  Did you see how he broke the guy's picture frame? *shudders*

Don't double-cross the goat.

Never ever double-cross the goat. This one is serious "Olowo f'owo ra iku"

I loved that commercial, wicked goat. He looks meaner than a mafia don and maybe can do worse, LOL...

Toin: Yes o! A word is enough for the wise. Maybe several words ...

Myne: So did I. Mafia don only? That goat must have a very long wrap sheet. That was not his first owner. *smh*

Nollywood Reinvented: Me too. I loved it and still love it!


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