OFFICIAL VIDEO: I Bu Ngalaba - Axios Choir

Axios is the gospel choir of Babcock University in Nigeria.  Their song, I bu Ngalaba (The Pillar) had been featured as one of "This Friday's Free Downloads."

The song also came with a music video (see below), which really does justice to this wonderfully uplifting piece.

The audio of both the original and acapella versions of I bu Ngalaba are available as free downloads from Axios' ReverbNation Page.  Alternatively, use the ReverbNation widgets below.

For more information on the choir, check out the following links:

Artistes' Stage Name: Axios Choir (Babcock University)

Artistes' Real Names: Unknown

Connect with AxiosReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Enjoy the video!

Confam! Oshey jare, make I update my playlist

My Goodness! BEE-E-YOU-TI-FULLLL! I love the rhythm, the harmony, the...Mwah! #Das all

Michael: Or is it *dramatic music plays*

You put your finger on what makes this song special. And it's in Igbo. What's there not to love?

This is exactly "the psalmist" I used to know from the time immemorial .Now the Axios. Keep it up guy. Pls dnt forget to refresh our memory on the other songs the psalmist volume2 where u started with the Nigeria national Anthem


Eunice: Axios used to be called "The Psalmist"? Interesting ... I wish I could buy their album, but I'm yet to lay my hands on a copy. :-(


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