THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Mr. Blizz, Onos (feat. IBK, Gaise, GA2R, Wordsmith), Axios Choir

The three songs featured here today are songs I have been "gbadun-ing" all week long! The first song, Love, by Mr. Blizz is an acoustic-rich song that describes love based on 1 Corinthians 13, borrowing lyrics from Hausa, Yoruba, English, and possibly another language I am clearly unaware of.

The second song, In Control Remix, is a remix of the original single by Onos, which had Rooftop MCs collaborating with her on that track.  This time around, Onos brings the same level of energy that has become her trademark on this beat-heavy remix, and she is supported by several artistes on this track.  It has a pop-feel to it that's bound to get you dancing (at least, in your head, if not on your feet).

Finally, the third song, is a re-make of a classic Igbo worship song.  It is called I bu ngalaba (The Pillar) and it is performed by the talented members of Axios, the Babcock University choir.  The harmonies, song arrangement, and in short, just about every aspect of this song, will make you feel proud to be a Nigerian.  There's a nostalgic feel to this song that is unmistakable, and although it is a re-make of a classic, I daresay that this 'remix'  is itself a classic. The acapella version of I bu ngalaba is included as a bonus download.  You're welcome :-)

As usual, just click Download on each widget, and enjoy them over the weekend (and beyond).

1. Mr. Blizz 

Mr. Blizz | Facebook
Artiste's Stage Name: Mr. Blizz

Artiste's Real Name: Unknown

Featured Song: Love

2. Onos | Featuring IBK Spaceship Boi, 
Gaise, GA2R, Wordsmith

[Image Source: Club X International]

Artistes' Stage Names and Real Names:

Onos - Onos Ariyo (nee Bikawei)

 IBK Spaceship Boi - Emuwawon Ibukun Kevin

 Gaise - Gboluwaga Akinade Ibuoye

GA2R (Gospel According to Rap)Mr. Rah, Da Professer
 Kudo, Kenny, Tiny, Chichi, G.Base, Choco, T.Toms, Tolu
Dr Slim and L37 

Wordsmith - Kabir Onimisi Ademoh 

Connect with Artistes

 IBK Spaceship Boi - ReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter | Blogger

3. Axios Choir

[Image Source: ReverbNation]
Artistes' Stage Name: Axios Choir (Babcock University)

Artistes' Real Names: Unknown

Connect with Axios: ReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Music Video(s): I bu Ngalaba on YouTube

BONUS: I bu ngalaba (Acapella Version)

Have a great weekend!


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