DELIGHTFUL DUETS: Ku'se - Psalmos and Kenny K'ore

How often do you come across a duet sang in Yoruba?  Rarely.  What about a duet sang in Ekiti dialect? Even rarer.

So, now you know why I had to share this song with you.  It's titled Ku'se by Psalmos, featuring Kenny K'ore, and it's a must-listen-to-by-fire-and-by-force.

Ku'se literally means "Well done" and it's a song of thanksgiving and praise to God.

Happy New Year! It's Time to Celebrate with Ogecha

Happy New Year! 2015 is off to a great start, and what better way to celebrate than with music?  This song just sets the tone for the year. But before we go there, let me just say that I am truly grateful for all your support in 2014.  You guys are more awesome than you know, and I look forward to conquering 2015 with you guys!

And now for some music ....