Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Here's wishing you a Merry and Joy-filled Christmas.  From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas!

4 Christmas Songs to Enjoy During the Holiday Season

So, what does Relentless do on Christmas Eve? She puts up Christmas music.  Apparently.  I know I've been away for a while, but it's all for a good cause.

The songs I am about to share were sent to me by various Nigerian gospel artistes, and I thought it would be better to share it today (instead of say ... Boxing Day).

Plus, you know you can be "special" like me and listen to Christmas songs all year round, right? Yes, let's be "special" together ... Lol!

So, here are the songs in no particular order:

1. Eloho Efemuai - Hark the Herald

Eloho sings a popular Christmas carol, Hark the Herald, which she shares with us this holiday season. Here's more information on this artiste and her song courtesy of the press release:

MUSIC: Christ's Messenja [CMJ] - Hold On, Tha Triumph and Live it Up Featuring Terver

CMJ (Christ's Messenja) is a gospel artiste who is originally from Adamawa State.  He sent me three of his singles months ago, but I am just getting round to sharing them here.  Better late than never, ba?

Here's some more information on CMJ courtesy of his press release:

Girls Must Cut their Hair: Why Do Schools Make this a Requirement?

Happy New Month! Can you believe there are just 2 months left before we welcome 2015? Amazing! It finally got cold at my end, but I am still in denial about winter's arrival.  Still hiding those boots away and wearing open-toed shoes. For now.


But, let's get to today's topic.

Generally, Nigerian school girls are expected to do something with their hair, especially if they attend public schools and government schools.  Private schools are more liberal, in my opinion, and some of them even allow students use hair extensions (attachment) during the school year.  But, I suppose with all the millions their parents sink into their school fees, that's a minor trade off, ba?

School's Prospectus: Who Reads it Anyway?

When you gain admission to a secondary school in Nigeria, the school authorities tend to load parents and students with a lot of information.  The school's prospectus is one of the books they hand to you that's literally loaded with tons of information.

The official definition of the prospectus is "a book or document that provides information about a school, business, etc."  Of course in our case, it's for a school.

So, what sort of information is written in a prospectus? Well, I'm glad you asked.  Here's a little list:

First University Graduate in the Family: Blessing or Curse?

Nigerians place a very high premium on education. Translation: they like to acquire degrees.  A lot.

If you enter the sitting room (parlor) of a typical Nigerian family, in addition to family pictures, you are likely to see one or more school certificates prominently displayed for the whole world to know that Baba Bisi too went to school.  And graduated.

At the most basic level, I would say that you are not considered truly educated unless you have a Bachelor's degree.  In fact, some people will argue with you and say that a Master's degree is the minimum requirement to be considered truly educated.  I am sure if there were more advanced degrees than PhDs, Nigerians would pursue them too.  But until then ....

The One Thing No Girl Misses About Braiding Hair in the Market

I think that picture just gave it away, but I'll still spell it out.

You see, if you ever had the  misfortune privilege of going to the market in Nigeria (or elsewhere for that matter) to get your hair braided as a child, then you're familiar with the scene I am about to describe.

No, it doesn't matter what hairstyle you actually ended up doing or whether you chose to do didi (french braids) or weaving.  The process was the same.  I already hinted at it here, but here it is in its full glory:

Your mother or father or relative dropped you off at the market and told the hairstylist what style to braid your hair into.  Or maybe you got to decide.  Or maybe your school already called the hairstyle for you for that week.  Doesn't matter.  Same result, i.e. you have to get your hair done.

The hair stylist, who was a market woman, not just because she was literally in the market, but also because she probably also sold other items at her stall in addition to braiding hair, agreed, and if there was no one there before you, she would point to an apoti (small stool).

Now, I shall rant about the apoti.  Don't worry, I'll still rant about the one thing nobody misses in a bit.  But let's dwell on the apoti for a bit, shall we? Good.


EndyFizzy wrote a song of praise to God for all He has done.  And then, he released the music video.  So, here is the video, followed by more information on this artiste:

MUSIC: Glowreeyah Braimah - Miracle Worker Featuring Nathaniel Bassey

I first heard this song about a week ago and since then I have been singing it regularly.  The beauty of this song is its simplicity.  It's the type of song you can sing to God during your quiet time and "every other" time.

In Glowreeyah (Gloria)'s words, "some songs are written and then some songs are given." I guess by now, you must have figured out that this song was given.  Even more touching is the story behind the song, courtesy of DaKingdomXploit:

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Dr. She Tu, Emmykokz, Seyi Alesh

Happy Friday!!! Or is it TGIF? Either way sha, welcome to another friday of free music! Yay! These artistes have generously made their music available for free, and I in turn have decided to share them with you.  Listen and enjoy!

Oh, wait, the press releases.  I almost forgot. ;-)

Learn more about each song in the artiste's own words:

1. Dr. She Tu - Jesus Disco

FREE ALBUM: Ty Bello's 'The Morning Songbook'

Ty Bello (formerly of Kush) released her new album, The Morning Songbook, on October 10, 2014 (10.10.14).

Interesting title, ba?

Well, here's some background information on the album in her own words:

Give a Child His Own Name, Not the Name of his Father or Grandfather

The title pretty much sums up what I'm about to start ranting about.  But I will still rant sha.  In detail.

One common practice which I believe needs to be scrapped with immediacy and alacrity (yes, the occasion warrants using English words which Nigerians overuse and abuse well well) is giving children the names of their fathers, grandfathers and in fact, their ancestors.

Boys (not girls) are overwhelmingly affected by this practice.  I mean, how often do you hear a girl being called Mary, Junior, for example?  Or Florence, Junior?  Or even Mulikat the third?  Not common, if at all.  I know in Yoruba culture, for example, because of our strong belief in reincarnation, we have names for children based on relatives who have passed on, e.g.:

Who Eats the Head of the Chicken in Your Family?

I remember those trips to the market.  Walking to the section where the chicken sellers converged.  But before we even got there, you could smell them.  And hear them too.  The chickens, I mean ... not the sell--

Oh, never mind!

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Glowreeyah Braimah - Turn Around

As promised, here is the official video for Glowreeyah Braimah's single, Turn Around.

Here is the story behind the song, in Glowreeyah's words:

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Glowreeyah Braimah - God Alone

Glowreeyah (Gloria) Braimah, who describes herself as a "kaleidoscope of colors" is a Contemporary Nigerian Gospel artiste.  She was first featured on this blog when I reviewed her single, Turn Around. The video for Turn Around was released in 2013, and I will be sharing it in the next post.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Gold Help Owen - Little Things

Gold Help Owen | Facebook

Gold Help Owen is a Nigerian gospel artiste based in Jos, Plateau State.  His song, Little Things, was one of the first songs I discovered on ReverbNation back in 2011 when I started blogging.

I actually wrote a song review for "Little Things" back in 2011 when I started blogging.  So, you can imagine my surprise when some months ago, I discovered on Gold's Facebook page that he was actually making a video for the song.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Chiwendu, Beauty Obodo, GiftBerries, Toeyoursea (Toyosi)

Thank God for another Friday! I hope your week was awesome.  If it wasn't, cheer up.  Next week will be better. :-)

To jumpstart your weekend, here are a few singles for your gbadunment.  Is that even a word? Oh well ....

Did I mention that all of these artistes are ladies? *grinning*

In no particular order, let me introduce you to these artistes. Learn a little about them via the included  press releases and finally their music.  Have a blessed weekend!

1. Chiwendu Featuring Omolayo 
(Project Fame) - Yowee

Chiwendu Chiekezi is a teenage minister of the gospel with burning passion to reach out to souls through her God given voice.

She's signed to Platform Records and delivers her first ever official single titled 'Yowee' which she featured Omolayo of the project fame on this one.

MUSIC: Anu Osilesi - Blessed

Anu Osilesi, who is simply known as Anu, shared her new single, "Blessed" with me.  She is a Nigerian gospel artiste based in Maryland, USA.

My introduction to Anu's music was the video for her song, Iwo lo mo featuring PSean, in 2012.  Her latest single was produced by Osinachi.

Here is some more information on Anu and her music courtesy of her press release:

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Charly-C - Bended Knees Featuring Obiora Obiwon

Remember the single, Bended Knees by Charly-C featuring Obiora Obiwon? What?! You never listened to it? Unacceptable.  Mend your ways by listening to it here.

Now, you've listened to it, ba? I assume you're nodding.  Well, they made a video to go with the song and here it is.  Well, after the press release:

MUSIC: Mairo Ese - Ole Hallelujah Featuring Nathaniel Bassey

Mairo Ese, otherwise known as Mairo, is a gospel artiste whose "passion is worship and [whose] underlying objective is to ‘lift up the name of Yahweh and bring people closer to their Creator.' " [Source]

He recently released a single titled "Ole Hallelujah," which means "Hallelujah Song," and which he sings in his native Isoko language.  Produced by Rotimi Akinfenwa, Mairo teams up with Nathaniel Bassey to produce a soulful worship song.

Here is some more information on Mairo and this particular song, courtesy of Praiseworld Radio:

Drinking Coconut Water Will Turn a Child into an Olodo (Dunce)

Raise your hand if you've ever heard this before

"Don't eat that _______________ (fill in the blank with seemingly harmless food or fruit).  It will make you ___________________________." (fill in the blank with completely unnatural and very negative, undesirable bodily or mental functions).

What?! I'm the only one raising my hand?

Sacre bleu! I refuse to believe this.

Seriously, growing up I heard all sorts of myths and taboos surrounding food.  It just so happens that one of those myths has to do with a certain fruit.

Take a wild guess ....

MUSIC: Efe B'Liv (Believe) - Oghene Tega

As we step into a brand new week, I pray that God will surround each and every one of us with his favor as a shield in Jesus name.  I hope you said Amen.  I did.

Efe B'liv is a gospel artiste from the Niger Delta, and he shared his single, Oghene Tega with me a while back.

Here's some more information on this artiste courtesy of the press release:

Gospel Music Should Not Be "Plan B"

Ask a group of children this question, on any given day:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If the said kids are Nigerians (and truthfully, even if they aren't), you'll hear answers like:







"Kuli-kuli seller!"

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Did I leave any of the major ones out? You decide.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Gold Help Owen, Victor Atenaga, Ola Praise

How did I ever forget to say "Happy New Month?" Pardon me, please.  I wish every single one of you a fantabulous October!

The following artistes have made their singles available for free:

  1. Gold Help Owen - Where I for dey?
  2. Victor Atenaga - Oghene Do
  3. Ola Praise - Thank You Lord (Ese Baba)

Now, let's learn a bit about these artistes before grabbing the free music ... Or you can just grab the music and begin your weekend.  :D

1. Gold Help Owen - Where I For Dey?

If you were the only one on earth, Jesus would still have come to the earth to die for your sins. This is the message Gold Owen shares on this track titled “Where I For Dey”, expressing how dead we would have been without Jesus.

Cover Art Candy: The Illustrated Edition | Featuring Okey Sokay, Tonicode, Gameman, Nolly CIA

Over the past months, I have noticed an interesting trend with cover art for gospel artistes.  No, I am not referring to the overly photoshopped images and plastic postures.  Nope! I am referring to illustrations.  It seems gospel artistes finally got the memo: try something new and different.  Let's just say I am gbadun-ing this "something new."

So, I decided to share a couple of those illustrations with you.  Believe me, if I come across more of them, I will share them with you.  In case you beat me to it, you can send the link(s) to cover art you think should be featured to

And now for some cover art candy (yes, I just repeated the title):

1. Aka (Clap) - Okey Sokay

Comment: I love the color and the details in this cover.  Looks like the background is a photograph and Okey is sort of "painted on" to it. And he's wearing trads too.  Two thumbs up!

Nigeria is 54, Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Nigerians! If Nigeria was a person, at age 54 s/he would be ....

Okay, let's not go there today.

For those who have the day off, enjoy yourselves o! And for those who will be celebrating over the weekend, same thing: enjoy yourselves o!

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Ogecha - Dumimaja (Hide Me)

Ogecha finally released the official video of Dumimaja ("Hide Me" in Igala) in August 2014.  I had previously reviewed it here and did not find out till a few months ago that she was even planning to make a video for this song.  Let's just say it was a lovely surprise!

MUSIC: TiLois - You Give Me Love

TiLois | Twitter

Today, I would like to introduce another female gospel artiste to you.  Her name is TiLois.

Here is her biography courtesy of Xclusive Gospel:

My birth name is Oloruntobi Oluwakemi Amuda. I was born and raised in Kaduna with my parents. l’m the first of five children. I attended Command Children School Dantuku Kaduna and Federal Government College Malali Kaduna. I graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Human Anatomy. I have always been a lover of music and I’ve been involved in a few church choirs. My first choir was when I was about 9 or slightly younger. I’m a Contemporary Christian/Inspirational artist. 

You Give Me Love is my first official single. I currently reside in Lagos.

And, the press release is reproduced below:

Oh, You're Black? No Teacher or Professor Will Ever Give You an "A"

Someone actually said this to me just before I started college here in the US.

He worked at Pizza Hut in the university town I would call home for the rest of my undergraduate life.  Unknown to me, the college I was enrolled in had a long, negative history of racial prejudice against black people.

So, he felt he needed to tell these "Africans" (I was with my family) the gospel truth.  He essentially discouraged us (my sister and I) from attending that college in particular.  Apart from the generally awful racial history, he told us (paraphrased):

"If you're black, no professor will give you an "A."  They don't give black people "As" in that school."

Now, I don't want to discount what he said and dismiss it casually.  I generally believe there is no smoke without fire, and that something must have happened either to him personally or to someone or some people he knew to make him arrive at that conclusion.

But, my own experience was very different.

4 Smells Your Nose Catches When You Hug People

Yes, I know your nose is not like a net that catches butterflies, and that title is not grammatically correct, but who cares? I wanted to paint a picture and .... *gasp* I think I just did :D

So, when you lean forward to hug people, regardless of what team you belong to (TeamiLoveHugs, TeamNoNearMe, TeamWhatever), you smell something.  Here are 4 somethings that fit the bill:

1. You Smell Their Hair:

I remember listening to a podcast a few years ago, and a Naija guy living in the US (yes, it was a Naija podcast) called in and complained that Naija women don't wash their hair (weaves, braids, etc) and he can tell when he leans in and hugs them because apparently, he is taller than most women.

MUSIC: Sammie Utsu - Anyinekelegi

One word to describe this song: Beautiful.  With the way the Nigerian gospel music industry has evolved in the last couple of years, a lot of artistes have capitalized on the contemporary worship genre, but not all of them get it right.

Sammie Utsu with his single, Anyinekelegi, gets it right, in my opinion.  It hit all the right notes instrumentally, arrangement-wise, vocally and in fact, pata-pata!  He took a familiar song and re-worked it and made it his own.

Can you tell that I love this song? I made it that obvious, huh? :-)  I still don't know what the Igbo lyrics mean, so please help me if you do.  Thanks in advance.

My only gripe with this song has nothing to do with the music; it has to do with the cover artwork. A song of this calibre deserves better cover artwork.  I think the picture is okay, but the typography needs a lot of work. It needs to be fixed pronto!

Having said that, here is the press release that came with the song:

MUSIC: Charly-C - Bended Knees Featuring Obiora Obiwon

Before this song, I had never heard of Charly-C, but after listening to this song, I'll remember him as the guy who did that collabo with Obiwon.  What collabo?  This song, Bended Knees of course!

Now, there's something you need to know before you listen to this song: although it is titled Bended Knees, they never actually say it (in English anyway) in the song.  I don't speak Igbo, but I am guessing they said Bended Knees in the Igbo lyrics.  Please listen and correct me if I'm wrong.

Either way, this is a collabo that works, and I'm pleased to share it with you guys.

Here is the press release that came with the song:

MUSIC: PCE Crew - Praising This God

PCE Crew, a Nigerian gospel group comprised of five gentlemen based in the DMV area (DC-Maryland-Virginia) released their Sophomore album titled Rewired last year.

A few months ago, they generously decided to make one more song  from that album available for free (the other free song was Nobody).  It's called Praising this God.

I own a copy of the Rewired album, and my personal favorites from that album are: Winna and Victorious.  But, I think Praising this God is a good song too.

Okay, I'll let the guys do the talking now:

How Many Boyfriends or Girlfriends is Too Many?

One of my favorite Yoruba movies, which is now classified as a Classic Yoruba movie, is Aya mi Owon (Madam Dearest) by Tade Ogidan (2005), starring Opeyemi Aiyeola, Sola Sobowale (a.k.a Toyin Tomato), Akin Lewis, Yemi Solade and Gabriel Afolayan among others.  This was my first Gabriel Afolayan movie, but that is not the only reason why I remember this movie with fondness.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Okey Sokay, Nolly CIA, Emmykokz, Minor

This Friday is extra-special.  You know why? Because it's the last Friday in the month of July!

I don't know what you were expecting me to say. *straight face*

Anyway, before we officially start the weekend, here are three songs from Nigerian gospel artistes, which they have generously made available for free.  So, download and enjoy.  Or read the press release first :-)

1. Okey Sokay - Aka Remix 
Featuring Nolly CIA

The original Aka song was featured here.  Now, the remix is also available.  Which is your favorite version? Me, I like them both.  I can't decide. Here's the press release:

SONG REVIEW: C-Stas - Jesu Mi

How often do you come across a group of young ladies in Nigerian gospel music who can actually sing? For me, it's rare.  As at the time of this review, C-Stas is one of two purely female Nigerian gospel groups I know.  If you know of any others, be sure to share their music with me at

Believe me, I am always on the lookout for female artistes who can really sing.

C-Stas // Facebook

To get a real taste of C-Stas' flavor, check out their other single, Moni O.  That is my favorite single by this group till date.

Now, having said that, let me introduce their new single to you.  It's called Jesu Mi, which is Yoruba for "My Jesus," and you can listen to it below:

Huggers, Choose Your Team: Team iLoveHugs, Team NoNearMe, Team AnythingGoes

I know the title says "huggers,"  but this post really applies to everyone: huggers and non-huggers alike.  In my own experience, I have come across three major categories of people when it comes to hugs.  I decided to group them as you will see in the subsequent paragraphs.

But before we jump in, I might as well confess, that I belong to the 2nd team: Team NoNearMe.  To a certain extent.

Oya, let me explain myself.

MUSIC: Dr. Sankty - Spirit of Peace Featuring T-Klex

It is impossible to listen to this song and not notice the "Malian" (or is it Senegalese) influence in it.  This style is called AfroFusion.

Until I heard this track, the only other gospel artiste I had heard experiment with that "Malian" element was Kenny K'ore.  I like Dr. Sankty and T-Klex's version especially as they weave in noticeable Hausa lyrics into the song. Something different.  I like!

Okay, you can listen to it now. :-)

Nigerian Women Living Abroad are More Promiscuous than Women Living in Nigeria

First of all, thank you to everyone who checked up on me while I was away.  I appreciate it o :D

I am back from my "sabbatical" and have so much to say.  But, I'll ease in gently.

Now for today's post.

Delightful Duets: Elfrida and Uchman - We Stand in Awe

My first impression when I heard the opening lines to Elfrida and Uchman's duet "We Stand in Awe" was "Here we go again ..."

Over the last couple of months, I had listened to a series of gospel songs that made me wonder if there was hope at all for Nigerian gospel music.  

But when I heard this song, I felt relief.  Those harmonies, the song arrangement ... There is hope after all.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: We Ose - Benita Iyere-Okojie

Benita Iyere-Okojie is a Nigerian gospel artiste who started singing from a very young age.  She is possibly best known for her popular single, Osemudiamen, released when she was just 12 years old.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring Protek (Rooftop Clan), Okey Sokay, Propane (CIA)

This Friday, the following artistes' songs are available as free downloads (see what I did there):

  1. Protek - Ayaya Featuring Okey Sokay
  2. Propane of CIA (Christ I Abide) - Ekwulekwu 


Ayaya is an Ibibio word, not a Yoruba word, but I would like to classify this as "jelenke" (easy motion) music.  You just want to sway, nod your head, and even komole to this song.  Yes, I just confessed what I did when I heard the song.  Can you blame me?

Protek is a rapper who recently joined the Rooftop Clan (formerly Rooftop MCs). Ayaya is his latest single, released earlier this month.

You can read more about him in the press release:

MUSIC: Diya (Godiya Jabila Mamza) - Can't Have Enough

Diya // ReverbNation

Remember the trip to ReverbNation I made last week? Well, Diya was one of the new artistes I discovered.  I got really excited about her for many reasons, but especially these two: 

(1) She is a woman (Yes, I get excited when I discover female Nigerian gospel artistes)

(2) She is based in Sokoto (according to her ReverbNation profile), which in case you did not know is in Northwestern Nigeria.  How often do you come across gospel artistes based in the Northwest? In my case, rarely.  Let's just say I won't forget Diya in a hurry.  :-)

And neither will you after listening to "Can't have enough." It's a high-powered contemporary praise and worship song (what a mouthful!), rendered mostly in English, but beautifully garnished with Hausa in just the right places. By the way, if you know the translation to that part of the lyrics, please share.

Okay, I will stop yarning and let you listen to the song. You're welcome.

Visiting Day: The Day When Students' Secrets Are Revealed

Visiting Day is the one day in the term that boarding house (or boarding school as it's called in some parts) students look forward to.  It is the day when parents, guardians, relatives come to visit their children or wards.  Teachers, matrons, school masters and the general boarding school staff usually want the students to appear like they are well taken care of, even if that is far from the truth.

If you've ever been to boarding school in Nigeria, especially if it was in a federal or state government college (private schools were better, generally) then you know the tricks school staff can play just to put up a good front for that very special day.

Specifically, here are some secrets that are revealed on visiting day:

1. The Teacher (or Matron or School Master) has been spending your child's pocket money 

Yes, this is true and possibly more common than we might think.  Parents (especially those not familiar with the boarding school setting) sometimes leave their children in care of teachers or matrons or school masters or school mistresses (or even seniors) to "take care" of their children.

By "take care," I mean checking up on the child and giving them money for expenses like food, school projects, personal hygiene items, etc. In short, the teacher is the child's trustee.

MUSIC: Faith Yebo - Na God

Don't you just love that cover art? I do! Faith looks so radiant in it.  Plus it has the right amount of color too.

But we're not here to discuss the cover art. Only. ;-)

Faith Yebo's new single is titled "Na God" and was produced by Don Sam. Her collabo with Nikki Laoye (So Beautiful) was the debut Soundtrack for the Week, featured here.  She has generously made "Na God" available to download for free!

You can read more about this new single in her press release:

God is at Work in Your Life

16 “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”
17 And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

2 Kings 6:16-17 (NIV)

In 2 Kings 6, the Bible records the story of Elisha and his servant, Gehazi.  The King of Aram had sent his soldiers to capture Elisha for warning the King of Israel of going to places the Arameans planned to attack.  It was like having a spy in the Aramean camp, revealing their secrets and telling it to the Israelites, during a time when both parties were at war with each other.

The interesting part of the story concerns Gehazi who began to panic when the Aramean soldiers arrived to capture Elisha.  They surrounded the city with an army of horses and chariots just to capture one man!

Now you can understand Gehazi's fear.  Yet, Elisha told him not to be afraid.  Why? Because those who were with them far surpassed those who were against them.  Once Elisha prayed for God to open Gehazi's eyes, Gehazi saw what Elisha saw and knew then that God was at work.

Soundtrack for the Week: Rise Again - Stage One

Stage One via Facebook

.... And just like that we are at the cusp of another new week.  Time for sober reflection ....

As you step into this brand new week, I want you to meditate on the lyrics to this song by Stage One.  It is called Rise Again.

Stage One is a Christian rock band based in Jos, Plateau and I have shared some of their songs here in the past.  Rise Again is by far my favorite, and I believe there is someone reading this (including myself) who needs to hear these words:

Viral Video: Okey Sokay - Aka (Clap)

I just love this cover.  It shines in all its illustrated glory.
Now, if there was just a little animation to go with it ...

Aka (meaning "Clap" in Igbo) is the title of Okey Sokay's latest single. I had previously shared it as one of the free downloads on Friday, and guess what? He made a video to go with it.

Well, what do they do in the video? They make people clap and dance to the song, including a barber and beans seller. Yes, I saw ewa agunyin in this video. Can you beat that?

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Obioma Madu, Vocal Reunion Concert Team (Varena)

This week, I went back to ReverbNation to look for new music.  I discovered these artistes during my visit.  Of course, I will share them with you.  Three songs from two different artistes. Listen and enjoy.  Have a blessed week!

1. Obioma Madu - Higher Higher

Put on your dancing shoes for this one.  Obioma is not playing at all.  You shouldn't either.  You should be dancing. :-)

Direct Link: Higher Higher

No Beer Sold on Sundays at this Alabama Gas Station

Can you spot me in my yellow t-shirt?
I saw this sign taped onto a fridge when I was driving through Alabama this year:


It was right on the section of the fridge where the beer was chilling.  I happened to be there on a Sunday, so I just had to take this picture.  No beer sold on Sundays.  Really?

I don't drink alcohol, so even if it was a Monday, I wouldn't care.  But it got me thinking: what's so special about Sundays that a gas station in a small town would not sell beer on that day?