Cover Art Candy: The Illustrated Edition | Featuring Okey Sokay, Tonicode, Gameman, Nolly CIA

Over the past months, I have noticed an interesting trend with cover art for gospel artistes.  No, I am not referring to the overly photoshopped images and plastic postures.  Nope! I am referring to illustrations.  It seems gospel artistes finally got the memo: try something new and different.  Let's just say I am gbadun-ing this "something new."

So, I decided to share a couple of those illustrations with you.  Believe me, if I come across more of them, I will share them with you.  In case you beat me to it, you can send the link(s) to cover art you think should be featured to

And now for some cover art candy (yes, I just repeated the title):

1. Aka (Clap) - Okey Sokay

Comment: I love the color and the details in this cover.  Looks like the background is a photograph and Okey is sort of "painted on" to it. And he's wearing trads too.  Two thumbs up!

2. Tonicode - The Call Featuring Gameman

Comment: I like the mood evoked in this illustration.  Reflective and befits the title, "The Call."  I am assuming this is Tonicode because this does not look like Gameman. Even the bia bia (beard) resembles an afro  ;-)

3. Okey Sokay - Aka Remix Featuring Nolly

Comment:  This is an improvement on the original cover in # 1.  That's Nolly on the left and Okey looks the same as in the original cover.  I like the cohesiveness with both covers and also the fact that the concept is the same: actual photo in the background and the artistes are "painted on."

4. Aka Viral Video - Okey Sokay

Comment:  This one has action in it with that pose and a bit of humor too with the large head and small body (caricature).

Credits:  1. 2. 3. 4.


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