MUSIC: Mairo Ese - Ole Hallelujah Featuring Nathaniel Bassey

Mairo Ese, otherwise known as Mairo, is a gospel artiste whose "passion is worship and [whose] underlying objective is to ‘lift up the name of Yahweh and bring people closer to their Creator.' " [Source]

He recently released a single titled "Ole Hallelujah," which means "Hallelujah Song," and which he sings in his native Isoko language.  Produced by Rotimi Akinfenwa, Mairo teams up with Nathaniel Bassey to produce a soulful worship song.

Here is some more information on Mairo and this particular song, courtesy of Praiseworld Radio:

[Mairo] got the song just playing the piano one morning-after singing it for Cohbams (who happens to be a friend & one of his producers). Cohbams asked that he involve Nathaniel Bassey on the track.
In his words “Hallelujah is a heavenly language and for me. This song is a song of victory praising God Almighty for the amazing things he’s doing in my life and the lives of friends and family.”

You can listen to and download "Ole Hallelujah" below. And just in case you're like me and you don't speak Isoko, but want to know the meaning of the lyrics, you can read the translation below too.

More information on artiste:

Artiste's Stage Name: Mairo

Artiste's Real Name: Mairo Ese

Connect with Mairo:  Official WebsiteTwitter | Facebook |

Listen to more music: ReverbNation


Mere jirie Oghene me 
I will praise my God

O yovo mere lele
Him alone will I serve/follow

Me re swo Ole halleluyah k'Oghene me 
I will sing a song of Halleluyah to my God

Ole halleluyah ki Jesu me 
A song of halleluyah to my Jesus


Pictures: Praiseworld RadioMairo's Facebook Page
Music: Gospel Centric via Yadamag
Lyrics and Translation: Mairo's Facebook Page


Love him! Love the combo. It's so heartfelt. Great work.


Dayo: It's quite uplifting. Glad you gbadun the song!


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