OFFICIAL VIDEO: Glowreeyah Braimah - God Alone

Glowreeyah (Gloria) Braimah, who describes herself as a "kaleidoscope of colors" is a Contemporary Nigerian Gospel artiste.  She was first featured on this blog when I reviewed her single, Turn Around. The video for Turn Around was released in 2013, and I will be sharing it in the next post.

But today, I wanted to share Glowreeyah's video for another single with you.  It's titled "God Alone."

Dressed as a Naval Captain and conveyed from an angle of earthly authority, Glowreeyah creatively endeavors to capture the essence of One who is Lofty, Mighty and Greatly Incomparable! This unique and vibrant video portrays Glowreeyah as a worship kingdom ambassador.

With props and images such as The Great Seal of the Kingdom, flags of nations, battle-ships/war-room scenarios, schematic colour choices depicting royalty/salvation, scenic outdoor landscapes and more; she uses a platform of power to address the world-announcing to people of all nations, tribes, tongues and creeds that irrespective of trials, distress and woes, that God remains unshakable and no one else is deserving of His adulation, of His worship, of His Crown!

Though nations may rise up against nations and tales of terror, trouble and woe may have you facing a wall; wherever you are, whatever you do, may #God alone be your anthem, your succour and your eternal muse! 

Watch God Alone

More information on Artiste:

Artiste's Stage Name: Glowreeyah Braimah

Artiste's Real Name: Gloria Braimah

Connect with Glowreeyah: Official Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Listen to more music: ReverbNation | SoundCloud

*Image Credits: 1. ReverbNation 2. Facebook


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