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Although I support the advancement of women’s rights, etcetera all over the world, I would not describe myself as a feminist at all.  I said all that because I get very excited when I come across female gospel artistes in Nigeria.  Now, it is not like their male counterparts do not matter or are irrelevant, but the female artistes are outnumbered by the male artistes.  Furthermore, finding a female artiste who is actually talented (yes now, not all of them are talented … abi na lie I talk?!) is more difficult than finding fresh agbalumo in a regular grocery store in Yankee.  Well, okay it is not THAT bad, but you get my drift, i.e. they are a rare breed indeed. 

What I have observed is that female gospel artistes tend to be pigeon-holed into particular genres or types of songs, i.e. praise and worship type songs (I guess you can tell by now that I am not a real fan of praise and worship type songs.  I just feel that gospel music is so much more than that traditional “form” of music).  Frankly, I can make this argument for just about any artiste, but the focus is on female artistes today.

If the female artiste is a soprano-singer, i.e. can hit those really high notes, instead of that being a good thing, it actually tends to work against her in terms of what types of songs she sings.  In other words, she is pigeon-holed (yes, I used that same word again for a reason) into singing in a particular way, so that we almost always get to know the range of her voice in every song.  That, my friends, can get pretty boring and predictable very quickly.  I think that’s why I prefer the alto singers.  They tend to do more even with a seemingly limited vocal range. 

So please ladies, challenge yourselves to try something different in terms of vocal versatility every now and then.  Where we expect you to just adlib by yourself, try adlibbing in harmony, ati bee bee lo (etcetera).  If you tend to sing R n B, try singing a Dancehall or Reggae song on your next album.  That element of surprise keeps things interesting. 

Featured Artiste: Ogecha

Ogecha / YouTube screenshot
Ogecha has been featured on this blog HERE where I introduced you to her via 2 of her songs: All for You and A brand new thing.  She released her debut album “All for You” in August 2011, and although I have not yet laid my eager hands on a copy, the samples on ReverbNation are quite tantalizing.  I have already said that she is one artiste to look out for.  I wonder what a collabo between her and IBK would sound like or what one of her songs produced by IBK would sound like.  Until then sha, while I wonder away, here is “Ubangiji” by Ogecha.  As usual, please see below some more information on Ogecha.

Artiste’s Stage Name: Ogecha

Artiste’s Real Name: Diane Ogecha Haruna

Featured Song: Ubangiji

Ubangiji (Audio):

Have a blessed week and Happy New Month in advance!

LOL. Fresh agbalumo in yankee store right? Never really noticed the 'pigeon-holed' female artistes. You have a point in that sha though I could be a sucker for that 'traditional' o. A lil spicing up wouldn't hurt though cuz when they tend to sing the same style, it becomes unconsciously boring when you can just anticipate how the next song will sound.


I too have never really noticed that female singers were Pigeon holed ( let me borrow your  word), i thought both male and female had that problem, i will be more observant going agbalumo scare like that for yankee..ha e pele o..

I see your point, Jemima about this "pigeon-holing" affecting BOTH male and female artistes, but disproportionately, I have observed it more with regards to female artistes than male artistes.  Whenever I see a "burst of creativity" or see an artiste doing something remarkably different, I have noticed it is usually a male artiste.  The female artistes tend to be more ... conservative in their choices.  

Ha! As for the agbalumo, you won't believe I have not seen or tasted one all the time I have been here ... Oh well .... Some things have a hidden price tag, I suppose.

Yes o, Mike.  The day I see agbalumo in a Yankee grocery store, I go dance alanta in public (much to the dismay of my twin ... I know she would disapprove ... LOL!) That observation about female artistes na my personal observation.  If you have noticed anything to the contrary, feel free to share.  Traditional is good, but there is a need for variation. Traditional values (musically) form the foundation (a good foundation might I add), but creativity requires some more effort to build on that foundation.  And you're right, as per being able to anticipate the way the next song will sound is boring.  That's one of the points I was trying to make o!

Nice song, I like songs that feature indigenous languages. I feel you on artistes being pigeonholed, I think it has to do with the producers wanting what they feel the markett will like.

Yes o, Myne, I actually "prefer" songs in other languages (whether I understand them or not) to the ones in English. And the translation does not ever do the song justice.  I think you're right as per producers dictating the sound because of what they think "sells."  However, I also think artistes have more latitude to decide what sound they want to project, than we give them credit for. 

Variation is it jare. I'm even tired of most songs these days. Nothing like them classics (with any genre).
and puhleease! You have been banned from attempting alanta in public :-)


I know what you mean, as per the songs ... And for banning me, I will do 20 variations of Alanta to defy you! LOL! Have a great day!

Wow why haven't I discovered your blog since? I feel you on the pigeonholed thing, that's why I like the likes of Kefee a lot, there's always something new and interesting as opposed to the stereotyped 'gospel songs'.

Now ffg your blog, here's mine

Janyl Benyl

Yay! I am glad you found my blog and that you're now following.  I am following back too.  

Yes, I LOVE Kefee too for the exact same reason you mentioned.  She's very versatile and her music is interesting.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 

I think you raised a very good point which in my view goes beyond female gospel artistes. I think stereotypes run right across the entertainment industry (music/Nollywood in particular) in Nigeria. There are the few good ones but most of them don't make an effort to reinvent themselves which makes them predictable and rather boring.


It looks like you nicely summarized what I took a whole blog post to write ... LOL! Yes, "reinventing" themselves is something a lot of artistes don't make the effort to do.  I think they don't feel the need to or it is just easier to copy someone else.  It also reflects their own musical philosophy, in my opinion.  Thanks for stopping by!


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