I see GAPS! (Featured Artiste: Dach-Mo)

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I feel privileged to have had the level and quality of education that has brought  me to this point. Having gone to school in both Nigeria and America, I have seen the way things work educationally in both countries. Of course, that does not mean I know it all (Does anyone know EVERYTHING except God?), but from my own limited experience, I see HUGE gaps (which are essentially problems) with the way the educational system operates in Nigeria. Now, at this point, I guess I need to insert a disclaimer, i.e. that I do not advocate identifying problems and doing nothing about it (that seems to be what a lot of people do). In fact, this reminds me of a song I heard once (please bear with me…I randomly “burst into song”…I think it’s a part of my thought process…*laughs*):

Everybody said that anybody could do 
The important things somebody should do 
Everybody knows that anybody could do 
All the good things that nobody did

Just in case you need this, the song is called “Everybody said (but nobody did)” by Acapella. As I was saying, I do not advocate pointing accusing fingers at people and just pin-pointing problems, without proposing solutions or better still, implementing sustainable solutions. But I have come to understand that the best place to start when you are trying to figure out solutions to any problem, is to first IDENTIFY the problem. I personally think that the problem with education in Nigeria is not just a simple or straightforward one. It is multi-faceted and can be summarized in this way: