11 Fool-Proof Ways For Students to Fail Exams

Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for cheating on your exams.  Do the right thing and study beforehand.

Have I already said "STUDY?"  Let me repeat: STUDY.

Studying BEFORE the exam is highly recommended.  That way, you won't have to resort to any of these tactics.  Here are 11 Fool-Proof Ways to Fail an Exam:

Nigerian Student Wahala # 2: Surviving Cultism and Academic Union Strikes

Special thanks to everyone who is following this series.  I appreciate the feedback and support :-)

In continuing with our series, another set of "wahala" (problems) faced by Nigerian students comes in the form of a two-headed monster (I made that up.  The monster probably has more than two heads.  Share a picture if you see it live):  Cultism and Academic Union Strikes.  This typically affects institutions of higher learning a.k.a universities.  Let's tackle them one by one.

Nigerian Student Wahala # 1: Who Pays For School?

Wahala of the Nigerian Student is a blog series devoted to exploring the unique and sometimes commonplace problems faced by Nigerian students, with a view to finding solutions.  To read the complete series, you can type "Student Wahala" in the search box or  follow the conversation on Twitter, Google + or Facebook using the hashtag #StudentWahala.

And now for Part 1 in our series.

Liebster Blog Award Courtesy of The Vegan Nigerian

In May, I got another Liebster Blog Award from the very lovely and innovative Vegan Nigerian.  Ever heard of Garri cookies?  Neither had I until I visited her blog.  She has other great recipes so you should definitely check it out.  Thanks a lot Vegan Nigerian for this award.  I really appreciate it :-)

And because there's always a catch, I have to satisfy the conditions for receiving this award. What are the conditions? Well, I am glad you asked.  By the way, once I start reeling off the rules, you'll notice that whoever invented this award loves the Number 11.  My question is: Why the aversion towards Number 12? *smh*

"Kneels" is Not a Body Part

Look, I have had enough! Ahn ahn! Ki lo de?! Na by force to speak English ni?  I have quietly listened in horror, hoping against hope that my ears were deceiving me, but it is indeed true:  Too many Nigerians are mis-pronouncing the name of a body part.  It does not help that the said body part has been incorporated into many songs, most notably that children's song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes).

ANNOUNCING: Wahala of the Nigerian Student (New Series)

As from Tuesday, July 16, 2013, I will be starting a new blog series titled "Wahala of the Nigerian Student." Wahala, as you might know, means Problems.

This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Obiora Obiwon, Michael Abdul, Groovement Minis3, Jimmy D Psalmist

How have you been gbadun-ing the month of July?  I thank God for bringing us all to the second half of this year, and pray that we will all be here to celebrate the end of the year too in Jesus name.

Today's free downloads have one thing in common: they are all dance-worthy tracks.  So before you even click download, I suggest you put on your dancing shoes and get ready.

Ready? Oya, let's go!

1. Obiora Obiwon - Testify featuring 
Michael Abdul

Weekly Eye-Catching Designs No. 3: Cover Art for Songs, Albums, EPs

This week's cover artwork are from 5 singles, 1 Official Video, I Album and 1 Theme Song.  There are audio and video links to some of these songs, and of course, free downloads as well.  Enjoy the buffet!

1. Davis King - Gbeyo

Do Nigerian Parents Show Affection and Love for their Children?

Happy New Month! Welcome to the beginning of the rest of the year :-)

Now for today's topic.