Who is the Relentless Builder

Who Exactly is The Relentless Builder?

Good Question.  I have often wondered myself.  Deep research has led me to these conclusions:

  • It is not a carpenter
  • It is certainly not a bricklayer (Google it)
  • It does not grow on trees
  • It is not a furry creature, and it does not have wings
  • It does not have four legs
  • It detests okadas

As you can see, my profile picture (Yes, that's really me ... Sometime ago) does not represent any of the above.  But, after stalking my blog a couple of times, this should be clear:

I am a Nigerian woman with a big heart for her country (Nigeria, of course).

This blog is a marriage of two of my passions: Education and Gospel music in Nigeria.

Now that you have met me, don't just stand there scoping the picture.  Go to the Home page and read the latest post.  Kindly leave a comment too.  You are welcome!

Oh wait! One more thing ...

Call me Relentless.

P. S. And do not put your feet on the coffee table!

Official e-mail address: relentless@therelentlessbuilder.com