This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Okey Sokay, Nolly CIA, Emmykokz, Minor

This Friday is extra-special.  You know why? Because it's the last Friday in the month of July!

I don't know what you were expecting me to say. *straight face*

Anyway, before we officially start the weekend, here are three songs from Nigerian gospel artistes, which they have generously made available for free.  So, download and enjoy.  Or read the press release first :-)

1. Okey Sokay - Aka Remix 
Featuring Nolly CIA

The original Aka song was featured here.  Now, the remix is also available.  Which is your favorite version? Me, I like them both.  I can't decide. Here's the press release:

Here comes The dance single “Aka” which means “Clap” in Igbo dialect from the multi-talented music producer & singer, Okey Sokay.

The highly anticipated remix of Okey Sokay’s hit single “Aka” which features fast rising rapper Nolly of the CIA Movement is out and available for your download.

Connect with Artistes on Twitter@OkeySokay | @Nolly_CIA

2. Emmykokz - Nothing

Clearly, Emmykokz and all the other guys in the studio had loads of fun when they recorded this song.  You can just tell.  I enjoyed listening to it too.  Here's the press release:

The year 2013 ended well for Emmykokz with series of hit songs and collaborations  like “If u know,” “dis is serious” and “Kpangolo” amongst others. 

Emmykokz is out with yet another brand new single titled ” Nothing.” Truly, nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Connect with Artiste on Twitter@Emmykokz

Minor (Formerly known as "Chudy") - 
Follow Follow (The Parable)

Minor has been featured on this blog several times, but under his former name: Chudy.  He has re-packaged his brand and now wants to be known as Minor.  Why Minor? Well, I'll let him explain:

Minor started singing in the church choir and in various school choirs and then  writing and releasing music under the name "Chudy." A prolific music producer, his music spans the soft rock, jazz, funk and gospel genres. A master of his guitar, MINOR's music encapsulates the message of Jesus, hope and love.

His stage name MINOR, is a pointer to the fact that he is the less important member of this God-Man partnership stating John 3:30 as the inspiration behind the name. Minor is out on a mission to infuse the world with a fresh dose of what he calls intellectual music. He says “I hope my music makes you happy but more importantly I hope it makes you think!”

"Follow Follow" is an unusual type of love song. It speaks of a unique, unselfish and unconditional love between the lover and his object of affection. This is not just good music, it's soul stirring and inspiring.

 Connect with Artiste on Twitter@HitsByMinor


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