NEW MUSIC: Emmykokz - Kpangolo Featuring Haychbeatz

Every once in a while, you come across gospel music that makes you think long and hard about the lyrics.  Last week, I came across one such song.  It is called Kpangolo by Emmykokz and Haychbeatz, and I am deeply grateful to them for sharing this message with the world.  We all need reminders.

Listen and Download HERE, or below:

By the way, both artistes are music producers and songwriters. See, it makes a difference.

More Information on Artistes:

Artiste's Stage Name: Haychbeatz

Artiste's Real Name: Habila Dimas

Connect with Artiste: Twitter - @iam_haychb

* * *

Artiste's Stage Name: Emmykokz

Artiste's Real Name: Emmanuel Ikoko

Connect with Artiste: Twitter - @Emmykokz


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