Pastors of Campus Fellowships in Nigerian Universities After Graduation

Someday soon, I will write about my experience with American campus fellowships.  It was a culture shock, to put it mildly, and I attended quite a few.  But today, I wanted to discuss campus fellowships in Nigerian universities.  I am sure you know them, but let me give a few examples anyway:

  • The Rock Foundation (a.k.a T.R.F)
  • Sovereign Army Fellowship
  • Scripture Union Fellowship
  • Deeper Life Campus Fellowship
  • Baptist Student Fellowship

I was a member of CLASFON (Christian Law Students' Fellowship of Nigeria), but I planned to join Sovereign Army later on.  But I left before that happened.  Anyway, before I left, I remember campus fellowships being very vibrant and having a distinct culture.  The structure and culture of each fellowship, as you might have guessed, mimicked that of the church / denomination that established them.

So, TRF for example, was an off-shoot of House on the Rock, while Sovereign Army was linked to RCCG (Redeemed Church).  

And what is a 'church' without a pastor?

Fellowships had pastors too, mostly students who were selected to head prayer, music, etc.  You get the picture.  So, it was not (and still is not) uncommon to call your classmate 'Pastor Mairo' because within the fellowship, he or she held that title.

But these were regular students, meaning they also had to study and graduate with their university degrees? So, what happened to them after graduation? Here's my list of post-uni careers that campus fellowships pursue (please add yours):

  1. Church Pastor (this might not happen immediately after graduation, but it eventually does for some)
  2. Banker 
  3. TV Host (The name of one ex-campus pastor comes to mind)
  4. Whatever they 'trained for' in school - Linguistics, Geography, Law, etc.
  5. Business (Anything qualifies)

Were you involved with any campus fellowship? What happens to campus fellowship pastors after graduation? Let's hear it.

Missy Tee: I see as you drag the 'heard' part! You for share the gist now. Some of us wanna know :D

Yes, they settle for lesser roles, and some of them advance to higher roles. True.

Some become sexual molestors in churches..I know of one in New Jersey Pastor MIK@



I would love to hear your thoughts. Please Share.

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