What Was in Your School Bag as a Student?

*Disclaimer: This leather bag is the school bag I wish I had when I was in school.  The one below looks more like the one I had, possibly purchased at Balogun market.

Students carry all sorts of things in their school bags.  Apart from books.  Some students don't even carry a bag,  They just carry their books in their hands or put them in a nylon bag.

Assuming you had a school bag, and a teacher randomly stopped you and frisked you searched your bag (for contraband, maybe?) what would have been in it? Here is my list (please add yours):

  1. Exercise Books, Textbooks, Math Set and similar stuff (Duh!)
  2. Toothbrush doubling as hairbrush: Ladies, you know what I'm talking about, especially if you went to boarding school.  You (I) needed it for that 'all back' hairstyle with all that brushing ... 
  3. Novels: Either the ones I borrowed or owned.  The usual suspects were: Enid Blyton, etc.
  4. Tissue Paper: Because you have to errr ... bring your own for errr ... you know..
  5. Lunch: Probably none of these foods sha.
  6. Feminine Hygiene Products for the monthly visitor.
  7. Glass Case: Because I wore glasses.

Not in my bag: That Pocahontas pencil case.  Nope.  Didn't happen.

So, what was in your school bag? Oya, speak out!

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Lol..... mine? books, rubbish bits of papers, pens, empty biscuit wrappers....and glasses case!


In the: Another wearer of glasses in the house! Yay! They were recommended not 'shako'-mended right? Thanks for commenting.

I had books, journal, novels, locker keys, stationery, paper designs, snacks(I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE to eat). :-D Oh and of course, my glasses case that I hardly used. Hehe! 1st time on your blog and I love the time I've spent going through your posts. Great job girl!

Pls drop in on mine and I'd love to hear your opinion on how to get better, thanks! www.southernbellekath.wordpress.com

Ibimina: Wait o ... 'Paper designs' ke? I would love to know what those were for. Locker keys? How could I forget about those? And yes, another wearer of glasses! High five jare!

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thanks for the compliments and stop by often :)

P.S. I checked out your blog. Pretty cool.

Mine had a lot of stolen pens and pencil... *covers face*.... A lot i mean a lot of rough papers.. and well bits of bread crumbs here and there..

Victor Iweanya

Victor: *I don laff taya* Do you know you're the 2nd person who told me they have other people's pens in their bags? Una plenty like dat? You can like to form an association. I can be the treasurer *grins*
As for the breadcrumbs, were they from agege bread, sliced bread, Senegalese bread or Ghana bread? Lol! *still laughing*


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