Today is World Teachers' Day

This week, I discovered that October 5 is celebrated annually as World Teachers' Day.  Take a look at your calendar.  What's today's date?  Yup! October 5.  Today is indeed World Teachers' Day.

To all the teachers (especially Nigerian teachers), we appreciate and honor you today.  Thank you!

Enjoy the following inspiring teacher-related quotes from Pinterest.

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I never knew something like world teacher's day existed but that's real nice. I appreciate my chemistry teacher, he was a pretty awesome teacher.

cassandra ikegbune

Cassandra: Neither did I, until earlier this week. Speaking of appreciation, I appreciate my Agricultural science teacher. Now, I know what 'chewing the curd' means and I don't have to stare in wonder at goats lying down, munching with no food in front of them.

One less mystery in the world. Thanks for stopping by :)

Wow...I loved every bit of this. Teachers' sure need to be appreciated more. Pity I missed the date.

Michael: Yes, they need to be appreciated. Everyday should be teachers' day, ba? Glad you liked the quotes.


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