No Biological Clock: Will Nigerian Women Marry Better Quality Husbands?

Tick, tick, tick ...

No, that's not the sound of the timer telling you you're closer to eating that boli, hot and fresh from the oven (forgive the food metaphors.  Hunger is catching me as I type this). It's that other pesky one: the biological clock.

When women start nearing 30, 40, etc, and are still unmarried, concern for fertility because of their biological clock becomes a major issue.  It comes out in conversations between the parents and single women, their relatives, friends, and the occasional soliloquy.

"Abeg do quick and marry o.  Don't you know you are _____ years old (fill in the blank). When will you start having children?"

Some women cave into the pressure, and marry whoever is available at that time.  They ignore all the warning signs, those serious character defects that point to a very bad match, and say "I do," anyway. I mean, what sort of husband will a womanizing, overly-flirtatious, party animal make?  Your guess is as good as mine.  (I assume the woman is not the same).

Now, let us assume that Nigerian women did not have to worry about their biological clocks, that they could get married at any age and not worry about fertility issues.  Do you think they would wait and marry better quality husbands?  My answer is YES.  What's yours?

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A resounding YES! It gets to a point when even people you thought would never, start saying "Just marry him.. you're not getting any younger!"

1 + The One

I think Yes too. But some do marry not for biological clock, but to be the first to reach that milestone, of friends and family.

1 + The One: Exactly! And when you look at the qualifications for this 'recommended match,' it is simply this: he is a man. O tan!

Myne: Good point o! The race to the altar is some people's motivation. Bad idea because if you rush in, you might have to rush out.

YES YES YES! The race to be a MRS en? I can't even deal. Then you'll start getting lectures after every visit. Birthday prayers would end with "this time next year, you'd be in your husband's house *sigh* The struggle is real


Toin: The struggle is very real o, and it's really crazy. Those lectures you talked about can come from the anyone, even random people meeting you. As in ... do I know you? Why are you commenting on my marital status? Mschew!

But the prayers ... Those ones are just lectures that end with 'Amen.' Na wa!


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