Nigerian Women Living Abroad are More Promiscuous than Women Living in Nigeria

First of all, thank you to everyone who checked up on me while I was away.  I appreciate it o :D

I am back from my "sabbatical" and have so much to say.  But, I'll ease in gently.

Now for today's post.

I have heard people say this explicitly and at other times, it seems to be an idea that is generally held, but not expressed verbally.  What on earth am I referring to? This idea that Nigerian women who live abroad (America, UK, etc) are more promiscuous than Nigerian women living in Nigeria.  It seems to be an extension of the whole "village girls are more virtuous than city girls," except that it is 10 times worse.

This was not something I heard for the first time here in America.  Nope.  I had heard it over and over again when I lived in Nigeria. Watch Nollywood movies, and you'll see the same idea reflected in the characters.

Having lived here for more than 10 years, it still cracks me up when I hear it. Really? You're going to make that a blanket rule? You must be kidding me.

My opinion is this: Pesin wey go spoil go spoil regardless of where you live.  In plain English, a woman (or man for that matter) will be promiscuous regardless of where they live: Nigeria, America, UK, Russia, etc.

I also think this stereotype is linked to the way Western cultures in particular are percieved, i.e. they are seen as more liberal and open-minded (maybe too open-minded) compared to our more conservative Nigerian (and generally, African) culture.

For men who go and import village girls from Nigeria on the assumption that they are more virtuous, I say "Good luck!" Many village girls don open eye well well.  Don't be fooled.

I say treat people on an individual basis and don't make judgments without first getting to know a person.

What do you think? Do you agree that Nigerian women who live abroad are more promiscuous than women living in Nigeria? Kindly share your thoughts.

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P. S. The Fulani girl is gone for good.  Yes, that's me replacing her in the profile picture. ;-)

I don't know where you get this impression from but it is the biggest lie or misconception. Even if it seems so that may be because Nigerians and for that matter African women abroad are more open about it whilst their counterparts in Nigeria will go and do it, sneak back and pretend that they are virgins. The pretence is just too much. As a man I get irritated when a lady who clearly is not a virgin is trying to pretend that she is a virgin. Who are you deceiving other than yourself? Don't take this assertion seriously.


RB!!!! Welcome back!! Please you have to tell us why and what happened during the Sabbatical! You owe us :-D
With regards to your question, hmmm, I think it has do with the different societies in question (hope that makes sense).. The Nigerian society is a lot more reserved than Western culture, so here people things more 'codedly' while abroad it is more overt..

1 + The One

Welcome back RB! You were missed

As for that matter, all I want to say is that the people that are facing the consequences of going home to find the "clean wife materials" are already telling their tales. Very soon the stories will go round just like the false myths and stereotypes. Goodluck to everyone in their quest LOL

Janyl Benyl

hey hey hey!!!!!!! You are back....and not as a Fulani! The heavens be praised! Amazing stuff! As with every other stereotype, while I still stand by the fact that these stereotypes have bases, they werent just pulled out of the air, I am also a proponent of relating with people on a case-by-case basis.


I know. It is a commonly held misconception. Pity the men that go home to 'import' virtuous wives. Doing themselves a disservice. The angel you know...

Fresh Angle

Rather, the devil you know...

Fresh Angle

Seth: You just debunked the myth, and I think this is the key: women in Nigeria (and in Africa generally) are more "undercover" with this, but women living abroad are more open/overt.

1 + The One: Thank you, thank you, thank you! *curtsies*

As for what happened during the sabbatical, I worked, played and ate. That's all. For now :D

What you've said is in line with what Seth said too: two different cultures. In Nigeria, it's more "under G" and abroad, it's more overt. Makes sense!

Janyl: Awwww! Thanks a lot o :D

Lol @ your comment. I just love the way you said it: "goodluck to everyone in their quest." Afi quest sha! As for the tales, it's true sha. I've heard more horror stories than success stories with all this "I must marry from the village." We all need wisdom.

HoneyDame: Hey Hey Hey! Thank you ... and yes, I'm not a Fulani. 7 Hallelujahs!!! Lol!

There's no smoke without fire. That's true, but I think it's fairer to deal with this issue in particular on a case-by-case basis, like you said.

Fresh Angle: Whether na devil o, or na angel, all of dem join ... Lol! I get you.

I'm glad you confirmed this o. It's a real misconception. Like we say in Yoruba, "efin n'iwa." (A person's character is like smoke). You can't hide it. It will eventually show.


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