4 Smells Your Nose Catches When You Hug People

Yes, I know your nose is not like a net that catches butterflies, and that title is not grammatically correct, but who cares? I wanted to paint a picture and .... *gasp* I think I just did :D

So, when you lean forward to hug people, regardless of what team you belong to (TeamiLoveHugs, TeamNoNearMe, TeamWhatever), you smell something.  Here are 4 somethings that fit the bill:

1. You Smell Their Hair:

I remember listening to a podcast a few years ago, and a Naija guy living in the US (yes, it was a Naija podcast) called in and complained that Naija women don't wash their hair (weaves, braids, etc) and he can tell when he leans in and hugs them because apparently, he is taller than most women.


Anyway, the point is that when you hug people you smell their hair.  I can usually smell a person's shampoo or conditioner too when I hug them.  You nko?

2.  You Smell Their Perfume / Deodorant / Body Spray (or lack of it):

You know how you apply perfume to specific parts of your body (e.g. behind your ears)? Well, when a person leans in to hug you, they can smell your perfume too.  That's when you get the, "Hey, what's that perfume you're wearing? I really like it."  That's if it's a good perfume.  But if it's a horrible one, in fact, the tone of the person's voice asking you what perfume you're wearing gan-an will alert you that you need to ditch that perfume.

Same goes for deodorant (if it's particularly strong) and body sprays too.  I'm a fan of Bath and Body Works o.

But, if you have strong body odor, omo, I doubt that you'll be getting a lot of hugs in the first place.  Assuming you do get hugged, believe me, the hugger will get a noseful of the offending odor.

Abeg, use deodorant at the very least. Our noses thank you in advance.

3.  You Smell Their (Bad) Breath:

If the person you hug had a sandwich with onions for lunch and didn't use a breath mint or mouthwash, you go smell am!

Let's not even talk about stock fish or locust beans (iru / dawa dawa).  That's on another level.

There is something I observed about myself.  Maybe you can relate too.  When I lived in Nigeria, I was not particularly sensitive to smells. Maybe it's the weather, humidity, I don't know.

But when I moved to the US, Lord! I picked up on many smells I didn't even know existed.  It's like my nose became extra-sensitive or something.

If this happened to you too, please share o, so I know I'm not alone.

4. You Smell Their Clothes: 

To piggyback on # 3, I noticed that I can smell washing machine detergents and fabric softeners (especially if it's Tide), on people's clothes. Not so sure about bar soaps like canoe quality soap.

That's it o.  What kinds of odors (good or bad) do you smell when you hug people or come in close contact with them?  Kindly share.

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I would love to hear your thoughts. Please Share.

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