MUSIC: Sammie Utsu - Anyinekelegi

One word to describe this song: Beautiful.  With the way the Nigerian gospel music industry has evolved in the last couple of years, a lot of artistes have capitalized on the contemporary worship genre, but not all of them get it right.

Sammie Utsu with his single, Anyinekelegi, gets it right, in my opinion.  It hit all the right notes instrumentally, arrangement-wise, vocally and in fact, pata-pata!  He took a familiar song and re-worked it and made it his own.

Can you tell that I love this song? I made it that obvious, huh? :-)  I still don't know what the Igbo lyrics mean, so please help me if you do.  Thanks in advance.

My only gripe with this song has nothing to do with the music; it has to do with the cover artwork. A song of this calibre deserves better cover artwork.  I think the picture is okay, but the typography needs a lot of work. It needs to be fixed pronto!

Having said that, here is the press release that came with the song:

Sammie Utsu has struck a balance in life in a very beautiful fashion. The soulful singer-songwriter who cites influences from various artist accepts the call to speak the truth and pour every ounce of his being into his music, without taking himself too seriously.
This equilibrium is evident on this new single  “Anyine kelegi.”  A traditional song that may sound familiar, but is fused with new energy, flair, passion and most of all “anointing.”
The Song is produced by award winning producer Sky Timz.
In his words, “I sang and wrote this song without even knowing what I was saying, I had to ask for interpretations to the words, so I can’t take any ounce of credit for the song, God simply spoke to my heart and I responded to Him.”
This song is bound to make you worship and Praise God, the lyrics are powerful, rhythm sweet, melody a blessing and production sheer genius.

More information on Artiste:

Artiste's Stage Name: Sammie Utsu

Artiste's Real Name: Samuel Utsu

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | YouTube | Google +

Listen to Music: ReverbNation


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